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Hanoi: Community Holds Lottery to Assign Preschool Places

On August 27, the People’s Committee of Hoang Liet ward (Hoang Mai district, Hanoi, Vietnam) held a lottery for parents to draw for 3-year-old children to attend Hoang Liet Kindergarten for the school year 2022-2023.

The school received 226 applications from 5-year-old children in the school year 2022-2023, 100 children more than what was expected. The number of applications received from two groups of children aged 4 and 3 is 290 and 423 respectively (while it was expected to enroll just 88 and 245 children respectively). The school can only accept 559 children aged between 3 and 5.

Hoang Liet Kindergarten later announced that it would open 13 classes to accommodate all 226 kids, ensuring that all 5-year-old children in the area will be able to go to school. However, it can only accept 333 applications (out of 713 applications) for children aged 3 to 4.

This means that there will be 380 applications that exceed the quota. To ensure fairness for all, it was decided that a lottery would be held for parents with 3-year-old and 4-year-old children who have submitted the necessary documents for the 2022-2023 school year to access a place at Hoang Liet Kindergarten, for both Linh Dam and Tu Ky campuses.

The draw will take place on August 27 and 28. It will be held in two rounds at the People’s Committee of Hoang Liet ward, Hoang Mai district. The first round is to get ordinal numbers. Parents will use this number to draw passed or failed tickets in turn, after ensuring that they have participated in the first round.

The passed ticket is labeled: “Congratulations on admission to our school!” and if the ticket states: “Unfortunately, your child did not enter our school,” parents will have to find another private kindergarten (which can be much more expensive than the public one) for their child.

The school’s principal, Trinh Thi Thu Huong, said: “The lottery is the last solution, and no one wants this to happen.”

According to Mr. Tran Quy Thai, the Vice Chairman of the Hoang Mai District People's Committee, the reason for the cc in the district is the rapid expansion of new residential buildings in the area. The problem of irrational urban planning in Hanoi, Vietnam, is having consequences that can negatively affect the quality of life, one of which is the quality of education for children, like the current issue in Hoang Liet Kindergarten.

Furthermore, after two years of COVID-19, many private schools went bankrupt and had to close, putting enrollment pressure on the public ones.

Specifically, whereas the district previously had a total of 416 classes at private schools, this year it has only 354 classes, closing nearly 70. Some schools or classes that are still in operation have a severe teacher shortage, partly because the school cannot afford to pay salaries, and partly because teachers leave their jobs seeing as their pay is too low.

Edited by: Tom Culf

Photo by: Tuổi Trẻ Online

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