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Indian – US  Woman Killed , daughter critically injured , at New York plane crash

A mother of Indian descent was killed, along with her daughter and the pilot instructor, in a tiny plane crash near New York City when they were on a "demonstration flight,". 

The small plane's pilot reported smoke in the cockpit on Sunday, and Roma Gupta is 63 years old, along with her daughter Reeva Gupta is 33 years old, were inside when it crashed close to residences in Long Island.

According to the reporter, the daughter of Guptar and the 23-year-old pilot instructor are in the hospital with several burns.The North Lindenhurst Fire Department Chief said, "The two patients critically injured, severely burned, to my knowledge they were pulled from the plane from a civilian."As a result, Roma died in the crashHer daughter, Reeva, is in critical condition at Stony Brook Hospital with third-degree burns. Reeva is a physician's assistant in the Mount Sinai system, whose colleagues say she has a long, painful recovery ahead.

Danny Waizman Flight School commented the flight instructor's operation of the plane was also in critical condition on Monday.Oleh Dekaylo, the attorney for Danny Waizman Flight School said the pilot had all his ratings and certifications, and the plane involved in the crash had just passed two stringent inspections, the most recently last week.

According to information given by Raichur Police, the air conditioner in the family's residence in the RTPS employees' housing complex had started to malfunction and catch fire. The loss of life was caused by the fire spreading across the entire house. The family originated from Dalavoy kodihalli village in the South Karnataka region of Mandya district's Malavalli taluk.

"Mr. Siddalingaiah Swamy works for the RTPS as an Assistant Executive Engineer.” The fire tragedy claimed the lives of his wife and her two children. According to the early information we've obtained, the house's air conditioner, which had some problems, caught fire. The fire then spread throughout the entire house, killing all three occupants. The cops were also contacted by neighbours who hurried to the scene for assistance. However, all three people inside the residence had already passed away by the time police and firefighters arrived. When the incident occurred, Mr. Siddalingaiah Swamy wasn't at home. Nikhil B., the superintendent of police in Raichur, stated that we have notified the victims' families.


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