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Revealing the Dark Underbelly: Media Manipulation and Communal Propaganda in Uttarkashi

Five years ago, an incident with a nine-year-old girl changed the demography of Uttarakhand's Uttarkashi district forever. It was a warm summer day in the Naugaon area, when a nine-year-old girl set out to buy some gram flour from a nearby shop. Little did she know that this innocent errand would set off a chain of events leading to a mass exodus of Muslims from the town years later.

Panic spread throughout the town as the hours ticked, and the little girl did not come home. The townspeople organised search parties, desperately scouring every nook and cranny for any sign of the missing girl. A cloud of fear and uncertainty hung over the entire community. After a gruelling 22 hours, the girl was finally found locked inside the bathroom of an abandoned building.


But the discovery also brought a shocking revelation, that the alleged perpetrator behind the kidnapping was a Muslim man, a local scrap dealer. Even after the accused was booked under relevant sections of the IPC and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO), the angry mob vandalised the shop and house of the accused and other Muslim families.

Five years later, communal tensions erupted in the Purola town in Uttarkashi, stemming from allegations that two men allegedly tried to kidnap a 14-year-old Hindu girl in May 2023. Jitendra Saini and Ubed Khan were arrested on May 26 and booked under the POCSO Act. 

In the wake of the incident, local Hindutva groups alleged this was a ‘love jihad’ case. Hindu groups in Purola took drastic and divisive measures, demanding Muslims abandon their livelihoods and ancestral homes. 

Notices were plastered on houses and businesses, serving as a chilling reminder of the fragility of communal harmony. According to various media houses, 41 Muslim families were forced to leave town. The once harmonious coexistence among people of different faiths crumbled under the weight of hatred. 

Families packed their belongings, bidding farewell to the only place they had called home for generations. The once vibrant streets of Purola now echoed with a haunting emptiness as houses stood abandoned and memories lingered like whispers in the wind.

However, in a shocking exposé by Newslaundry, the dark underbelly of media manipulation and communal propaganda has been laid bare. The article published on June 17, 2023 unravels the disturbing collaboration between a local journalist and Hindutva groups in Uttarkashi, highlighting the coercion of the victim's uncle into giving false statements and the deliberate construction of the ‘Love Jihad’ narrative.


He claimed this journalist urged them to file a fake complaint with the police, alleging that his niece had been a ‘love jihad’ victim. This alleged fake complaint also stated that only Khan was involved and not the other accused, Saini.

The victim's uncle, already traumatised by the unfortunate incident, was forced to succumb to external pressure and provide fabricated statements to fit the preconceived agenda of the journalist and Hindutva groups. But In the face of adversity, the true strength of a community emerges. 

While the mass exodus in Purola Uttarkashi showcased the dark side of prejudice, the selfless actions of local families providing shelter and support to the Muslim families illuminated the power of compassion and unity.

The article published by The Independent sheds light on the remarkable turn of events, highlighting the inspiring response of the people in Purola and Barkot in the Uttarkashi district. Rather than succumbing to divisive forces, the communities stood united, determined to counter discrimination and protect the rights of their fellow citizens.

In a powerful act of defiance, residents of Barkot opened their doors to the displaced Muslim families from Purola, offering them refuge and a sense of belonging. This extraordinary display of solidarity transcended religious boundaries, emphasising the shared humanity that unites us all.

The swift response from civil society organisations, activists, and concerned individuals further bolstered the spirit of unity. They rallied together to assist and support the affected families, ensuring their basic needs were met and fostering an environment of acceptance.

In the wake of manufactured narratives and media manipulation, the communities of Purola and Barkot defied the forces of hatred and chose unity over division. They upheld the values of inclusivity, understanding, and harmony.

While the scars left by past incidents may take time to heal, the inspiring response from the people of Purola and Barkot serves as a shining example for us all. It reminds us of the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of compassion in overcoming even the darkest of times.

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