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Terrorism Has Become a Global Issue!!

One of the most important issues of terrorism in the twenty-first century is the internationalization of terrorism, and this is through international cooperation between many terrorist groups, as well as the establishment of strong networks across continents for these groups for financing, training, provision of logistical means, weapons, funds, etc.

For example, the events occurred on 11th September, 2001, will remain, the most important terrorist events in this century, and this is due to several considerations, the most important of which are the number of victims, the method of implementation, the accuracy of planning, and the target country, which is the greatest and most powerful country in the world.

The implications of the events that occurred on 9/11, indicate a new vision of terrorism in the twenty-first century, as it threatens and reaches any country in the world regardless of its strength, size, and experience in national security and self-defense. The message is clear: no country in the world is immune to terrorism.

Terrorism has also hit India in the recent years (Parliament), Indonesia (Bali), Britain (the London Underground), Spain (the train in Madrid), and Mumbai in India (hotels and train stations). The international operations center for terrorism these days is centered between Iraq, Syria, Pakistan,

As per the statistical data there are various challenges, and repercussions that terrorism contains, it has always been a subject of bargaining and used by many countries in the world. There have been political forces that use terrorism to achieve their goals and to support one party against another.

The phenomenon of state terrorism is not a recent occurrence, it is not new to the international community, and it falls within the scope of the internationalization of terrorism.

The term “state terrorism” refers to the horror regimes that produced the major revolutions such as the terrorism of “Maximilian Robespierre” and “Stalin” and the behaviors of authoritarian, authoritarian and racist countries such as the crimes committed by “Hitler” and his regime in Germany, and the practices of military dictatorships in Latin America under the direction and support of the CIA. And the state terror practiced by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people.

It does not mean that the democratic countries do not practice or use terrorism, but rather that they practice it under the pretext that they are fighting terrorism or protecting their interests and security.

Terrorism in today's world is of greater importance in international forums and relations between people and nations and have become a central tool of politics, diplomacy, and international relations.

 Terrorism has become associated with the idea that no one in this universe is immune from it, and more dangerous than this is that fear now centers around the possibility of using weapons of mass destruction by terrorist groups. Terrorism is not determined by Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, and it does not end with the Taliban and ISIS.

Fighting terrorism with the same methods used by terrorist organizations is worthless, in addition to that, the great powers in the global system do not see the solutions of terrorism (its causes and the roots) but rather focus on the scales, the repercussions, the results, and the circumstantial solutions that quickly disappear and terrorism returns like fire from underneath. This is what we observe these days with the phenomenon of "ISIS".

This means that the international system is required to reconsider dealing with the phenomenon and holding frank, objective, and targeted international conferences and forums for the security and stability of all mankind and for cooperation and integration instead of conflicts and these conflicts provide a fertile ground for the spread of terrorism and the inability to combat it and find an effective solution to reduce it.

The continuation of al-Qaeda and the emergence of “ISIS” with the power and danger that the whole world is witnessing is nothing but an evidence of the failure of the world’s major powers a to deal effectively and successfully with the phenomenon of terrorism and the inability to contain and eliminate it.

Thus, the development is also taking place in the activity of terrorist groups, which is no longer far from any global spot, leads several events towards the globalization of the fight against terrorism and the mobilization of international efforts towards mitigating it and then ending this phenomenon. Hence, we raise many questions,

  • Are there any unified standards for dealing with a terrorist act, what are its source, or is there any duplication in the application?
  • Are the declared goals of combating terrorism being the desired goals, or are there any hidden goals behind the scenes?
  • Do the leaders of the new world think about dealing with terrorist acts by addressing the causes, the first of which is the feeling of injustice, such as the problem of the Palestinian people and Israel?

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