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Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan to receive $95bn funding

The $95 billion national security funding bill, recently approved by the US Senate, encompasses new aid provisions for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan.  After weeks of pressure from the Biden administration and growing divisions among Republican senators regarding increased aid to Ukraine and the broader issue of America's global role, the Senate concluded with a final vote on the bill. Early on Tuesday, 70 senators supported the legislation, encompassing aid for Israel, Gaza, and Taiwan, while 29 opposed it.

 The White House, the majority of Democrats, and traditional Republicans who support the aid package have contended that giving up on Ukraine might give Russia an advantage in the conflict and give China the green light to invade Taiwan. Republicans control the House, and US President Joe Biden called on them "to move on this with urgency" in a statement made on Tuesday. 

 Nearly two years after the invasion, Ukraine's army is running out of ammunition as they attempt to drive back Russian forces. The measure contains $60 billion in assistance for the country.

 A large portion of the money would be used to bolster military operations in Ukraine and restock US supplies of weaponry and equipment that have been deployed to combat zones. An additional 14 billion dollars would be utilized to support Israel and finance US military operations in the region. Over 8 billion dollars will assist US allies in the Indo-Pacific area, such as Taiwan, to thwart Chinese aggression.

 Additionally, it sets aside around ten billion dollars for relief efforts in Gaza, Israel, and Ukraine, where a fifth of the population is malnourished and vast portions of the region have been devastated. The approval of the aid package, according to Senate majority leader and Democrat from New York Chuck Schumer, sends a strong message to both allies and adversaries that "American leadership will not waver, will not falter, will not fail".

 In a press conference on Tuesday morning, Schumer stated- "Today, the Senate made sure that the United States is closer to meeting the monumental and consequential moment that we are in. Now, it’s up to the House to meet this moment, to do the right thing and save democracy as we know it.”  


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