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Volodymyr Zelensky in Brussels, Belgium for the European Summit

On Thursday, February 9, the Ukraine President, Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in Brussels, Belgium, for the European Summit, with the French President, Emmanuel Macron. Zelensky had a speech in front of the 27 European leaders in Brussels. Furthermore, he stated that Ukraine needs to have European Union membership. 


European Parliament President, Roberta Metsola said in her speech to the 27 European Unions members and Zelensky: “Now, countries must consider, quickly, as a next step, providing the long-range systems and aircraft you need to protect the freedom that too many people took for granted. Our response must be proportionate to the threat, and the threat is existential [...] We will be with you as long as it takes.” Moreover, Metsola explained that the European Union will help Ukraine as long as Ukraine needs help. She added: “Ukraine is Europe, the future of your nation is in the EU. We know your people's sacrifice for Europe, and we must honor it with words and deeds.”


Then, Volodymyr Zelensky took the floor at the European Parliament for about 15 minutes to thank the European leaders for their help. He said: “Thank you for all your efforts. Thanks for your help. Inflexible. Thank you for Europe's support throughout this period. It's the only way for us to move on. [Ukraine wants to] win its membership in a winning Europe [and to] become a member of the European Union”. He added: “If Ukraine falls, your way of life disappears. We are defending ourselves against the most anti-European force in the modern world. We defend ourselves, we defend you.”


Furthermore, regarding the military aid that Zelensky asked to come faster and “sooner”, Great Britain’s Primer Minister, Rishi Sunak, promised to train Ukrainian pilots. Germany would send Leopard tanks to Ukraine by April. Then, French President, Emmanuel Macron said that France will continue to provide its military aid to Ukraine as long as Russia’s army will be on Ukraine's lands. 


Estonian Prime Minister, Kaja Kallas proposed a solution to accelerate the military aid sent to Ukraine. She said: “ [EU needs to] send a clear signal to the defense industry to produce more. EU members provide funds, the Commission buys and the aid goes directly to Ukraine.” In Brussels,  Zelensky said he would discuss with EU leaders to know about the fighter jets situation since he pushed the case for them in his visit to the United Kingdom on Wednesday, February 9.


According to the European Council President, Charles Michel, the next weeks will be important regarding the outcome of the war. He requested “ammunition, artillery, missiles, vehicles, defense systems” for Ukraine as soon as possible. 

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