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Zelensky Alludes to a Serious Reorganisation of the Ukrainian Government

In addition to stating that his plans went "about the direction of the country's leadership" and not only "about replacing" his top general, the president said that a "reset" was necessary to revitalise the flagging war effort.

Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky hinted at a major reform of his government when he declared that a complete reorganisation of the country's military and civilian leadership was necessary for reviving the war effort against Russia.

In remarks made during a Sunday night broadcast, Mr. Zelensky suggested that his intentions extended beyond only unseat Gen. Valeriy Zaluzhny, the supreme military commander. Additionally, they indicated growing unrest among Ukraine's leadership at a vulnerable time, when Kyiv's authorities are waiting to find out if the US will offer much-needed financial and military support while the country's exhausted soldiers are on the defense.

According to Mr. Zelensky, "a reset, a new beginning is necessary," reported the Italian news agency Rai News. "I'm thinking about something important that has nothing to do with just one individual but the whole country’s leadership.”

The most significant leadership rift in Ukraine since the conflict began over two years ago is represented by friction between the armed forces and the civilian government. According to Ukrainian officials who were present at the meeting, Mr. Zelensky called General Zaluzhny for a meeting last week to inform him that he was being sacked, escalating the tension that had been building for months.

The possibility of a new mobilisation bill, which may result in the recruitment of up to 500,000 troops, is adding to the stress in Kyiv. The law is being discussed in the Ukrainian Parliament and may not be well-liked by the nation's exhausted citizens due to the recent war.

Reorganising the civilian government would end nearly two years of Mr. Zelensky's wartime administration since he had largely kept ministers in place who had been in office before Russia's full-scale invasion. His cabinet had previously consisted of a constantly rotating group of ministers.

Political commentators have speculated that Mr. Zelensky would elevate Oksana Markarova, Ukraine's ambassador to the US and a perceived ally of the Biden administration, to a high position in Kyiv in light of the suspension of US aid. The United States administration has been advocating for reforms aimed at fortifying anti-corruption measures on the multibillion-dollar military and financial assistance that Ukraine is getting in the course of the conflict.


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