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What To Expect From Xi Jinping Serving A Third Term As President?

Xi Jinping is serving the presidency for another five years at a rubber-stamp parliament. This is his third term as the president of China. In the last two terms, he has brought about enormous progress. However, his Zero Covid policy and escalation in prices were a major setback to his popularity. 


Xi Jinping is the most powerful leader after Mao Zedong who prevailed as the first leader of China's ruling Communist Party in the 1970s. Both supreme leaders are often compared with each other and referred to as paramount of China. Xi Jinping (69) is the only leader of the People's Republic of China who has served the country for the longest period after Mao Zedong.   


Xi Jinping's Current Positions 

Xi Jinping currently holds three significant positions in China. 

General Secretary; acting as the chief of China's Communist Party which is the most popular and distinguished party. 

President; the head of the Chinese State. 

Chairman of China's Central kc Military; having control of Chinese armed forces.


How does the Chinese Congress Work?

NPC lasts for 10 days and culminates in Xi Jinping's presidency in Tiantian Square's Great Hall of People. 3000 delegates cast their votes in Tiantian Square, Beijing. 


Among them, only 200 members were chosen to join the party's central committee. Then, the central committee selected 25 people for the party's politburo. And in turn, the elected politburo appointed the members for the politburo standing committee choosing Xi Jinping as their President. 


Top Seven Leaders of Politburo Standing Committee

There are seven members of the Politburo Standing Committee that are known as elites of elites. And all seven top leaders are men. 

  • Han Zheng (Vice Premier)
  • Li Zhanshu (National People's Congress Chairman)
  • Li Kiqiang (Central Government Premier)
  • Zhao Leji (Head of Anti-Corruption)
  • Wang Huning (Political Theorist)
  • Xi Jinping (Supreme Leader)
  • Wang Yang (Political Advice Bureau Chairman)


What Challenges Xi Jinping is facing?

Under Xi Jinping's rule, China became a massive military power and has the second-largest economy. In his current term, he will follow his original thought and "push China under a totalitarian system", according to professor Steve Tsang. Political historian Steve Tsang is the director of London University's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). 


Steve Tsang has political and governance expertise in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. In an interview with BBC, he said that Xi Jinping has ideological differences and will approach "Chinese socialism which is highly skeptical of private business."


Economic Challenges 

China encounters drastic economic challenges after the Covid outbreak. The flaring of prices, global inflation, and property crisis is making it worse for China to stabilize its economy. Ukraine's war with Russia has triggered a global recession. China, being the economic ally of Russia, struggles with economic crises.  


Xi Jinping has had lower economic growth as compared to previous presidents Jiang Zemin and Hu Jintao. Under Hu Jintao's leadership (2005 to 2010), China had a 14 percent increase in GDP. Whereas, under Xi Jinping, the GDP growth decreased to 7 percent in 2015. In 2020, the increase in GDP was reduced to 2 percent. However, bounced back again to 8 percent in 2021. 


China's Communist Party rests heavily on its ability to deliver decent jobs and higher incomes to Chinese workers. If Xi Jinping fails to meet the economic regulations, a political crisis will loom in China. 


Zero Covid Policy

In 2022, when Covid went down to the wire, China still faced various difficulties regarding the outbreak of Covid. Hence, the Chinese government implored the Zero Covid policy in more than 70 cities. Zero tolerance to the epidemic became an uphill battle. People faced several problems in their business dealings and protested against the government. 


Xi Jinping has declared to pursue a reduced economic growth of 5 percent this year. However, the nation is going to spend its budget to 7 percent on defense. A can of worms is swarming around Xi Jinping and the globe is glancing at how he'll handle the ongoing domestic crisis. 


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