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Fun Things To Do This Fall

October is near and the autumnal feeling is in the air so it is only natural to start thinking about fun activities to do either by yourself or with friends to make your spooky season a little bit more interesting.


Pumpkin Carving


A classic. You can never go wrong with a pumpkin carving session. Get creative with it, it doesn’t have to be a scary design, make it funny. If you have an inside joke with a friend, a favorite animal you want to try and immortalize (at least until the pumpkin rots), or an original idea that you think would look good. DO IT! Give it a go.


Some fun ideas could be: Favorite Disney character, A trick or treat pumpkin, a spooky word if you are not that artistically gifted, or maybe a self-portrait if you are feeling especially artsy.


Halloween-themed cocktail night


It is pumpkin spice season ladies and gentlemen. Fall brings with it a new set of smells and tastes that make our mouths water. Why not transfer these flavors into an alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) concoction?


Alcohols such as bourbon are really popular during the Fall season for their warm color and the cozy feeling they bring with them, because of this, it is a common alcohol used to make fun-themed drinks around this time of year. There are many recipes online and you do not have to limit yourself to the flavor of the drink, have some fun decorating it. Add some googly eyes, some fake cobwebs, or a pair of gummy fangs to add some character to your drink of choice.




As mentioned before, this season brings a lot of delicious flavors to the table. Any bake can be spooky with the right decorations but this year you could try some new recipes as well. How about a pumpkin cheesecake or giving candy apple making a go? You could even make your own edible fake blood to decorate some of your other creations. BBC’s website bbcgoodfood.com has a selection of Halloween-based recipes that will make sure you become the master of Halloween baking.


Going to a park to see the leaves fall


Another classic one but there is truly nothing like going for a walk in October and admiring the beauty of the changing seasons. Take some time for yourself and enjoy your own company as you relax. By doing this you kill two birds with one stone; you get some exercise in and have some well-deserved relaxation in your day.


Game night


Board games, card games, made-up games. Conjure up your group of friends and ask each one to bring a game they think would be fun to play that is related to the fall season or Halloween more specifically. Games like Cluedo or even video games such as Silent Hill are great to get the blood pumping with fear. You can include some of the other ideas offered in this list and make a whole day event out of it.


Halloween-themed cookies and cupcakes


As mentioned in the baking section of the article, you don’t need to be a great baker to have some Halloween fun with food. Get some store-bought cupcakes or cookies, if you are feeling a bit confident get a box mix and make it yourself. The fun part comes afterward when you start decorating them.


Host a spooky season movie night


We all know there are some great Halloween classics that you can binge during the month of October to get in the spooky mood. They could also be a great way of getting some inspiration for your Halloween costume. Curated lists of the best Halloween movies can be found all over the internet, so you have plenty to choose from. Bring the homemade fall snacks we previously mentioned and the funky cocktails to complete your movie marathon.


Do something not Halloween related


If you are not a Halloween fan or have always wanted to do things like going to museums but never did because it was too crowded, there weren’t any tickets left, etc.? This is your chance to do it. Due to the festivities, some companies and events might have special discounts or might experience a decline in customers since people are doing Halloween-related stuff. Try and look at the availability of that restaurant you have been wanting to try or get tickets for the art exhibition you have been dying to see. Not everything that happens in October has to be Halloween-related to be fun.




Take this opportunity to give a scary book a go. What better time of year to get into authors like Stephen King or read some scary short stories on Reddit? This is your time to find a new favorite genre or at the very least try to read outside of your comfort zone. Novels such as The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson and Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia are some great books to get into the spooky season. Very well written and gripping.


Arts and Crafts


Seasonal decorations can be very expensive if you are planning on going all out for this Halloween. Instead of spending so much money for a once-a-year occasion, make your décor yourself. The arts and crafts supplies can be obtained at quite affordable prices and by making your own ornaments you have unique and fun pieces to decorate your home.




And finally, look for fun festivals around your area that are Halloween or Fall related. Online you might be able to find not only festivals but also contests, fairs or other Fall events to spice up more than just your latte.


Fall is an incredibly great season with many new things to try along with the company of your friends and family. Give some of these ideas a go and who knows, they might end up becoming traditions.

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