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Perfect Podcasts For The Spooky Season

Podcasting has become a global phenomenon, with over 2 million podcasts in existence as of 2020, according to podcastinsights.com. The high number of podcasts allows for variety, bringing in a high number of listeners. However, podcasts about true crime, ghost stories, and spooky content, in general, tend to do significantly well. Take for example the Disney plus show Only Murders in the Building, focusing on three main characters who bond over their love for true crime podcasts and decide to start one themselves. Having the center of a TV show be the creation of a true crime podcast highlights its mass acclaim as it is used for its relatability value.


In this article, we will be focusing on podcasts relating to scary topics in order to get into the Halloween spirit. From true crime to a read-through of obituaries, there is a spooky podcast for everyone.



Murder, Mystery and Makeup with Bailey Sarian


This podcast originated as a video series on YouTube. Bailey Sarian is a YouTuber with over 6.5 million followers. Her content focuses predominantly on combining her passion for makeup and her interest in true crime through the creation of long-length videos in which she does her makeup as she recounts true crime stories. She has a playlist on her YouTube channel but has also uploaded all of her Murder, Mystery and Makeup episodes to Spotify as well as other streaming platforms.


Her videos vary between thirty to sixty minutes, and they are always very well researched, easy to follow and incredibly interesting. She has a fantastic sense of humor that makes the serious topics she discusses less daunting while remaining respectful.


‘Obitchuary’ with Spencer Henry and Madison Reyes


Two friends get together on a weekly basis to read people’s obituaries. The goal is to see who could find the most outlandish, bizarre, and interesting obituary of the week. They comment, compare them and finish the episodes with a special segment titled ‘dumb criminals’ in which they recount outlandish run-ins with the law. More than spooky, this podcast has a comedic element to it as the hosts focus on funny and entertaining obituaries and stories rather than focusing on the saddening part of death. A breath of fresh air when it comes to podcasts focusing on true crime or investigation.


The episodes are usually fifty minutes long, perfect for listening to when on a walk or when completing house activities.


Anatomy of Murder with Anna-Sigga Nicolazzi and Scott Weinberger


“A murder has many layers: the victim, the crime, and the investigation.” This is the opening line of the about section on Spotify. The hosts discuss and explain in full detail true crime murders, incorporating real declarations from those involved allowing for an immersive experience. One listener writes “Anna Sigga and Scott do such a wonderful job of honoring the victims and discussing their cases respectfully and thoughtfully” on podparadise.com. This is the perfect podcast for a well-rounded, profoundly researched true crime podcast.


The fifty-minute episodes can be found on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.


Two Girls One Ghost with Corinne Vien and Sabrina Deaga-Roga


The hosts of this podcast come together to discuss their paranormal experiences and tell each other ghost stories. They hold a very casual conversation, just as one would with their friends, making it enjoyable and light-hearted. Topics expand from just paranormal experiences as Corinne and Sabrina also talk about books, movie adaptations and fun facts, all related to scary and unnerving content. Moreover, their rapport is more conversational, so it does not provide a scary atmosphere, perfect for people who do not enjoy the feeling of being scared but want to know all about the supernatural.


Each episode is around an hour long and can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Dark History with Bailey Sarian


Alongside Murder, Mystery, and Makeup, Bailey Sarian recounts tragic historical events that are not taught in schools. Bailey moves away from true crime and expands her repertoire of content to include mysteries and tragedies that are not necessarily linked to murder. Exploring cases like the DuPont chemical scandal and The Doctor’s riots of 1788, Bailey does not discriminate when it comes to being raw and factual with the events that took place in these cases. She also sheds light on events one might not have even heard of before as is the case with her episode titled ‘Thomas Edison maybe killed a guy and other enlightening Edison tales.’ So, not only does she discuss real-life events, but she also conducts thorough research into individuals that make us question everything we know.


The episodes average at forty-five minutes and are an entertaining way to learn more about the past. You can find the episodes on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Now that Halloween is just around the corner, I hope this list has helped you discover some new podcasts or maybe gotten you interested in the podcasting world. All of the podcasts mentioned are heavily researched and incredibly well planned out to ensure the listener has the best experience possible and is fully informed to the best of the host’s abilities. Give them a listen and enjoy the spooky spirit. Happy Halloween!

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