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How to Begin as a Content Creator

Think about what kind of content you want to see created. Take a passion and combine it with current skills. Consider what other skills you would like to learn. Ask yourself what you can do differently with your voice. Ask yourself what it means to build a community and what it looks like in your eyes. Here you will find some pieces of advice for when you choose to become an agent of change. 


1. Formatting

Choose a format you want to work with to make your content come to life. It can be any one of your choosing from acting, animation, comics, creative writing, dance, film, live streaming, photography, sewing, youtube videos, and more. If one format doesn’t fit then you can always choose a different one. You don’t even have to publish anything online if you don’t like it. Press the delete key and send it to the recycle bin. 


2. Set some goals

Set a goal you want to achieve with a deadline. Write down the steps you will take to do this. Adjustments can be made if a plan of action is clear. After you have met a goal, reflect on it on what worked and where improvements could be made. Set the next goal you want to make. Remember it’s a marathon, not a race. 


3. Schedules build consistency

Commit to a schedule for a year. Consistency is key when building an audience as a content creator. The same can be said for customers and businesses. It’s why big businesses such as Costco, Mcdonald's, Starbucks, and many others continue to operate. Products don’t change and thus people return repeatedly. 


4. Focus on you

Focus on yourself and don’t compare your progress to others. Content creation is similar to art in that everyone’s journey is different. Try new ideas with your content even if it fails. Failure is how everyone learns. Join an in-person or online group to get feedback on your work. The people you meet may even give tips or recommendations for software, equipment, reputable sellers, and more. The relationships you build may lead to other opportunities to work as a team or unexpected adventures. 


5. Keep learning!

Youtube is a great resource to learn many skills for free whether it’s video editing, graphic design, coding, and so much more. Some people may need a more structured focus with a flexible schedule, which is where you can purchase on-demand courses at a discount from websites such as Udemy and Skillshare. If neither of these options is available, see what your local junior college has to offer. Look into private tutoring or coaching if certification is not required for the skills you’re trying to learn.


6. Choose the right platform

Pick a platform to host your content. This may vary depending on what kind of content is done. Take some time to do some research to see what is best for you. For example, Youtube may not be the best platform if your content is photography. Tiktok may be great for short clips, but you enjoy live streaming. A website for bloggers might be the best option to host your original content as a creative writer, but you may need to decide which social media platform you want to use to attract your readers. Maybe you want to have an anniversary stream, but every platform has a streaming option. You have to decide which is the easiest to set up and operate. All these can be pretty overwhelming if you’re new to content creation.


7. Choose another one to engage with your audience

Pick a secondary platform to attract and direct your audience to your main platform. This could be any social media app of your choosing from TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Discord depending on the amount of time you may have. Again, take time to research to see what is best for your content and what you feel comfortable with. Once you can manage one platform, a second one is doable. After you have three platforms, consider investing in a social media management tool. Many exist, but thankfully they all have free trials so you can test them out before fully committing to a paid plan. 


8. The right equipment

Your starting equipment does not need to be expensive either. You can use your phone to get started. As you grow, you can always invest in better equipment at a later point. It does not have to be new either. If you’re unsure about what equipment you want to buy, see if you can rent it first. 


9. Secure your content

Adobe Spark is a free online program available to create a logo and watermark to label it as yours. What’s great about Adobe Spark is that automatically creates aesthetically pleasing designs and creating an account allows for customization. Another option is LogoMakr, but credit is legally required for the free download. A logo can always be updated in the future, so try both and see what fits your vision as a creator. 


10. Build a team!

If you need more help with creating your content than what’s possible with your abilities, Fiverr, a low-cost freelance website can help. You can find a variety of freelancers by budget, delivery time, seller details, service options, and skill set. Sellers can be saved or added to lists so you can keep track of potential candidates and compare portfolios. Payment methods offered are Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Wire Transfer, iDEAL, GiroPay, Sofort, Boleto, and OXXO. Refunds are offered as well via Fiverr Balance, direct refund, incomplete, or refunds for incomplete orders. Fiverr is not able to change where the refund will go. Any refunds will be processed in the same currency and amount used in the payment. 


11. Keep yourself organized

Keep yourself organized through a system of your choice. Google’s suite is free and can be accessed across your smartphone and computer. The notion is a free customizable e-notebook, which can also be accessed across your smartphone and computer. Todoist is a free digital to-do list for iOS and Android users to quickly add tasks, set reminders and due dates, plan your day, track your productivity, assign tasks to others, prioritize your tasks with color-coded priority levels, and integrate your list with Gmail or Google Calendar.


Whether your journey is one, three, or longer than eight years as a content creator, you learned several skills. Skills that can be transferred to a new career, update your skills in your Linkedin profile and added to your resume. You can use this to your advantage to take on new projects in your department. 

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