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Starting in March at Wuhan, the coronavirus has its worldwide effect on the life of every human being, including the animal kingdom. China is the first most prominent place to have the highest population where if any attack by any airborne disease can cause a massive loss in people. This results in dead bodies, lack of beds in hospitals, lack of space in cemeteries, etc. Such a scene was observed in place of Wuhan when the novel coronavirus invaded.




Wuhan is the second-largest city in China where the incident took place. The revolutionary change that this disease brought to humans was incredulous. It has put the human kingdom on the verge of getting defeated in the hand of the vircvirusvirust is believed that a scientist in the laboratories of china mistakenly invented the wrong experiment with a bat who started spreading the virus its mutation. Mach was the start of this disease, which continues and is yet to be over. Effecting the different cities, it took its dangerous shape when it reached the month of April. Sars and Mars were the two chronic bronchitis diseases it had after effect. People suffered from breathing problems and acute bronchitis problems. A tiny amount of sickness, pain in the stomach, or sneezing were common symptoms. Famous personalities like Prince Charles and his family got affected by it. Nearby 1million population is expected till now to get involved by this pandemic. A possible remedy to this virus was washing hands and using masks and sanitizers. The mortality rate increased like wildfire that the Prime ministers and the Presidents had to call for lockdowns where the survivors are to keep themselves lockdown in the home till date declared. Sanitizers and PPT coats were used in the hospitals to treat the patients. Doctors were proclaimed as the fore frontiers in this condition of the pandemic. They did not let the pandemic win the situation and turned it in their favor by not surrendering to their lives.  






They regularly visited hospitals for they knew that their hand in this situation can give life to another patent. Vcouldines like Pfizer were introduced by Russia and were sent to different countries for proper medication. Later, when vaccines like Covid shield and vaccines were introduced, they were used as the first and second doses in India and all other countries.




To date, corona reduces and eradicates humanity by increasing the death rate. It is essential to continue the work by washing our hands daily and using sanitizers. Not only vaccination but saving the life of the patients resulted in a big reward for the doctors. They were declared as the god giving life to the covid affected patents. Thus doctors are the real modern-day heroes of the generation.




In this year of 2021, the corona is felt in its third wave. Continuous washing of hands and hand sanitizer is still a part of our routine. Most people affected by the virus are going through mild respiratory problems and illness. But when the matter is leading to seriousness is when they are getting admitted to hospitals. It is informed to get vaccinated when it's our turn and be well accustomed to the local guides. Specific times have occurred that the virus has spread in a small liquid form when the speaker is about to sing or talk or cough. This small fluid particle ranges from respiratory droplets to aerosols. Scientists invented SARS (a type of coronavirus) in 2002 and got spread to 28 countries. More than 8,000 people got affected, and 774 people died. MERS (another form) started in 2012 and got distributed and compiled a case of 2,500 people. The virus is giant, sharply spherical, with a unique surface projection. Their size is variable from 80 to 120nm. The total molecular mass is 40,000 kDa.They are enclosed inside an envelope embedded with a protein molecule. This lipid bilayer, protein-membrane, and nucleocapsid protect the virus inside the host cell. Infection begins when a viral protein spike gets attached to the host cell. After attachment, the host cell's protease cleaves and activates the bound spike protein. Depending on the host cell protease available, the cleavage and activation allow the virus to enter the host cell by endocytosis or direct fusion of the outer envelope with the host membrane.


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