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Problem of negative thoughts at night

Problem of negative thoughts at night

A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness ----Albert Einstein

People having negative thoughts before sleeping is a huge concern in today's world. Conditioned arousal refers to the state of our brain that causes us to have negative thoughts before going to sleep. It has been discovered that this is primarily due to the person's tension and weariness. Sleeping alone or with someone else has an impact on this. If a person is experiencing any anxiety, it is a good idea to share it with a close friend or family member at the end of the day. In addition, a person should surround himself with good people in his daily existence. The brain develops in line with the positive individuals in one's life.

The problem of difficulty in sleeping is also one of the reason-insomnia. Sleep deprivation can lead to an increase in the emotional instability of an individual. Usage of sleeping pills can lead to even more problems in the long term. Proper sleep is necessary for the efficient functioning of daily life. It has been seen that people with anxiety disorders and depression suffer this problem on a large level which can later turn into suicidal thoughts. Individuals with heart problems and high blood pressure are advised to not sleep alone.

According to some research, there is negative energy during the night as well as positive energy during the day, and our bodies react accordingly. Generally, as we go to sleep, our brain recalls the good and bad things that happened during the day. If a person has a problem with negative thinking, negative thoughts will gain precedence in the brain's thinking process at that moment. Instead of raising tension, a person should try to find a solution to his or her situation.

Few ways to solve this problem: -

      Proper Sleep and avoidance of alcohol- Sound Sleep is the most essential element for the functioning of the human body. Sleep is important to keep one person working throughout the day. Proper sleep keeps the person healthy and enthusiastic for the next day. Regular consumption of alcohol can reduce the power of the brain in the long term. Consumption of drugs can harm the physical as well as the mental health of the addicted person. It is one of the factors for domestic violence too.

      Talk positively to yourself before sleeping- Our unconscious mind is having direct relationships with over-positive thinking or positive thoughts. It is the unconscious mind only which directs the behavior of the conscious mind in our daily life. Many times, we have heard this phrase that we should always think positively in our life. The analysis of the unconscious mind states that if we think positively regularly in our life then positive energy attracts positive results. For example- Many times we have seen doctors advising the patients to be mentally strong. It is the hidden energy or hidden courage which lies in the unconscious mind of a human body. If the unconscious mind is strong then it directs the working of the conscious mind efficiently.

      Breathe with purple- Few breathing techniques can be beneficial to promote relaxation and minimize the stress of the individual. Here's the idea is to follow a few steps that put focus on our physical body and help ignore the negative thoughts. Breathing also affects heart rate and blood pressure.

These techniques can be helpful for relaxation while sleeping, but can also be used anytime whenever an individual feels stressed:

      Diaphragmatic breathing (deep breathing through your stomach and slow exhalation)

      Equal breathing (inhaling and exhaling air for the same amount of time, around 4-6 seconds)

      Resistance breathing (breathing in and out with pursed lips or your nose)

      Breath moving (as we inhale, imagine we are moving the breath to the top of your head; as we exhale, move the breath to the base of spine)

      Listening to Music- Listening to songs is sometimes beneficial for the heart. Some studies have shown that blood flows more easily when music is played. For example- when we listen to motivational music or fast pace music then our blood pressure increases and likewise when we listen to slow pace music then we get a feeling of relaxation. It can increase the production of the hormone dopamine in our brain and it also reduces fatigue. Music also triggers the part of our brain and heart which results in emotional outbursts and motivational changes in the individual. Music calms our body in case of slow pace music whereas it increases our blood pressure e in the case of fast music.

      Meditation daytime time- Meditation can be explained as the combination of some techniques which are intended to encourage an increase in the state of awareness, concern, nutrition, and attention of a human being. It has been practiced for thousands of years. Meditation can also be used as a psychotherapeutic technique. It gives the way of positive thinking and it calms the mind and soul of the person. Silence and zero disturbance are necessary for meditation. There should be no distraction and disturbance at the place of meditation.

      Before sleep actinic- Brain easily gets influenced by any movie or tv show watched just before sleeping. The brain also interprets dreams with those negative thoughts. So, it’s necessary to avoid any factor which can negatively influence the brain.

      Consumption of Healthy Food/Regular Exercise- Many times we have heard this phrase in our life that the human brain is related to our stomach. Eating healthy food improves the coloration power and ability to manage tough situations. Exercise leads to proper digestion of that food as well as fitness of the individual. A morning walk helps in a healthy start of the day.

       Plan for tomorrow- If a person is having difficulty sleeping then changing the focus of the mind can be a nice alternative. A person should try to plan his routine for his coming day, instead of overthinking. Planning for the next day will also stimulate the functioning of the brain in a better way when the time of performance comes. Planning makes the brain mentally prepared.



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