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Anya Taylor-Joy and Kim Kardashian Accused of Promoting Starvation

Anya Taylor-Joy is currently under fire on social media for allegedly promoting starvation through her new Instagram post. It is a picture of her in her corset before putting on her Maison Margiela dress for the Dune: Part Two premiere. Kim Kardashian was also recently in the media for promoting eating disorders and starvation when she, too, posted a picture in a Mugler corset. 

People on social media are slamming these two stars for their appearance and how slim they seem to be in these pictures. The picture Anya posted was of her in her corset before she put her dress on for the premiere, which accentuated and cinched her already slim figure. This led to many taking to social media to comment on how slender she looked, with many expressing their concern for the actor. 

One user commented under Anya’s Instagram posts saying, “These images do so much damage to some people”. As well as being concerned for her health, people are commenting on the effect that these images have on people struggling and recovering from eating disorders. There is also a concern that some younger and more impressionable fans might feel the need to mimic her look. 

Other fans took to social media to comment on the rise of corsets again. They are becoming increasingly more popular and are appearing in fashion magazines like Vogue and making an appearance on the runways, the most recent event being the Versace show on February 24, 2024. People online are commenting on the impact of corsets and how they are harmful for women’s health, not just physically but also emotionally. This has prompted others to leave comments saying, “Can we not normalise starvation,” and “Corsets should not be promoted.”

Kim Kardashian also posted a picture on social media of her in a Mugler corset after Anya’s backlash. Whilst many praised her for her clear skin with no makeup, saying that she looked beautiful and natural, the reality star also received backlash for her choice of clothing. Kim Kardashian’s waist was near “non-existent”, fans mentioned, whilst others said “what she was doing to her body was cruel” and that “her organs are displaced”.

This is not the first time that Kim Kardashian has been under fire from the internet for promoting unhealthy regimes. For the 2022 Met Gala, Kim Kardashian received a lot of backlash online for her dramatic weight loss to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic sheer dress. Marilyn’s dress was the one that she wore to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to President John F. Kennedy. 

Kim Kardashian told Vogue that she had to lose 16 lbs in three weeks to fit into the dress, she said that she had lost this weight by cutting out carbs and sugar, as well as working out. Kim then told Vogue after receiving hate online, that it was no different than an actor losing weight or gaining weight for a role and that she wasn’t saying “Hey, everyone, why don’t you go lose this weight in a short period of time?”. Both incidents coincided with one another, with the debate online still going on. 

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