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Meteor Spotted Over Eastern England

A huge meteor was seen flying through the sky in the United Kingdom which could be seen from Norfolk, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire. This meteor was spotted on the evening of February 19, 2024. 

Many people are referring to it as a fireball meteor, as witnesses took to social media around 6pm to report seeing it. One social media user took to Facebook to report seeing “a green blur” in the sky. 

Others took to social media to say that they saw “a ball of flame” over Lincolnshire, which lasted about four seconds before it fizzled out. Many people caught it on their dash cams and have uploaded the videos to social media. One witness says that she saw it streak through the sky with a “flame tail.” 

There is debate between witnesses between what they saw - a “burning fireball” or a “green light” which was falling from the sky. Sightings have come from Boston, Grantham, Louth, and Woodhall Spa. There have also been sightings in Nottingham, Leicestershire, and Yorkshire. 

Some witnesses that have uploaded videos and sightings to social media, have claimed that the object has landed in a field near Stickney in Boston. Other witnesses are unsure of what it was that they saw, whether it was a flare or if it was something else. There was even speculation of a UFO.

A meteor is a piece of space debris that appears as a streak of light in the sky as it crashes through the Earth’s atmosphere. An astronomer has explained what has been seen - it is a bolide. A bolide is a bright meteor with a long streak which is no bigger than a stone, that ends with a bright terminal flash. 

Thousands of tonnes of “space dust” reaches the Earth’s atmosphere a year and occasionally it is big enough to be seen from earth. This is what a meteorite is. This is the first meteor sighting of 2024. The last known one was on Saturday 30thDecember 2023. Sightings of the meteorite were seen all over the country, in London, Birmingham, and Shrewsbury. It was described as a bright blue streak that flew through the sky, seemingly quite close to the ground. 

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