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Fans Upset With Taylor Swift For Using Private Jet To Take A 13 Minute Flight

Taylor Swift had received hate on social media after details about her travel on her private jet was revealed by a 21-year old University student. 

Jack Sweeney, a 21-year-old University of Central Florida information technology student, has gained notoriety for tracking the private planes of politicians, billionaires, and other celebrities using social media and open data.


As he tracked Taylor Swift’s flight from Cahokia/St Louis, Illinois, US to St Louis, Missouri, US. 

It was quickly discovered that an automobile could have completed the same trip in around 30 minutes with far less of an impact on the environment considering the flight was approximately 13 minutes. 


According to Sweeney's statement on January 31, Swift flew just 28 miles in 13 minutes, consuming 240 kilograms of jet fuel and generating 0.8 tonnes of CO2.


Sweeney, who records the pop star's and other wealthy and well-known people's private jet travels posted the carbon emissions on Twitter and is currently under legal threats from Taylor Swift's team looking to take action against his account for privacy reasons. Even if the pop star's extensive travels are causing concerns about carbon emissions, her attorneys contend that it endangers her safety.


Swift's travel itinerary has drawn a lot of criticism in recent weeks, with some claiming it is excessive given the current climate emergency. The immensely well-known American singer-songwriter is often cited as one of the most frequent users of private aircraft.


Her own jet reportedly produced almost 8,300 tonnes of carbon emissions in 2022, which is 1,184 times more than the typical person's annual emissions, according to a survey conducted by sustainability marketing company Yard.


Although Swift's representatives have refuted that statistic by claiming that she purchases carbon credits to offset her travels, several experts have questioned the effectiveness of carbon offsetting in general.


The Missouri-based auto insurance provider Car Shield has purchased Taylor Swift's jet. The plane was purchased in 2011 for $40 million dollars. The aircraft's second-hand value is now projected to reach $7 million.


Taylor Swift, the 13-time Grammy winner, is in the news once more; this time, it's because she sold one of her private jets just after her legal team threatened to sue a student who follows celebrity jets. 


According to records on the Federal Aviation Authority website, Swift sold her Dassault Falcon 900LX, which is no longer registered in her name. She does, however, still possess her second aircraft, a Dassault Falcon 7X, which she mostly uses for her concert tours. Sweeney provides estimates of the associated fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of the flights in addition to tracking private jet landings and take offs.


Swift created 138 tonnes of carbon emissions in three months, according to a study from the previous year.

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