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Is Barbie a Mirror of the Modern Woman?

The film Barbie was released in July 2023, taking the world by storm with its box office collection. It collected a record number of box office sales of $1.45 billion U.S. dollars worldwide. The film had an entertaining storyline conveying a profound message. The film’s key themes were self-expression and uniqueness in a society where everyone strives for perfection. 


Director Greta Gerwig ensured that the importance of diversity was highlighted during the film. In a society where everyone thrives to be the same, it is critical to be yourself and stand out from the crowd. Gerwig emphasised self-expression and individuality by communicating the notion that your self-image does not define you, as many women today. 


Barbie also discusses the significance of revising patriarchy and fighting biases and inequalities inherent in big corporations and institutions globally. The film highlights the politics of culture and the significance of societal change when Ken confronts and apologises for his unfair treatment of Barbie. 


Barbie mirrors the ideal of the modern woman that we all wish to be, happy, successful, capable, and equal to men. As the film progresses, Gloria and Sasha undergo a transformational journey where they become more confident women as the film progresses. They learn lessons in Barbieland that they take back into the real world with them (along with Barbie) to help improve the world and their own lives. 


Gerwig introduces a gaggle of powerful Barbie’s who have achieved various awards and accolades including the Noble Prize to show the audience – in particular young girls – that they can achieve anything they set their minds too and that they should not let anyone tell them otherwise as we are all full of impeccable talents and characteristics which make us all special. 


Barbie is who all women wish to be: successful, pretty, and cellulite free. However, as the film progresses, it is clear too that the Barbie’s have their flaws – similar to regular women – which portrays to the audience that it is perfectly okay not to be perfect and that it is important to embrace your individuality as that is what makes you ‘you.’

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