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The Adipurush campaign might end up being remembered as the biggest change in Bollywood history

Trade professionals talk about how Adipurush's trailer raised people's expectations for the film.

Any narrative film depicts the progression of the protagonist from one scene to the next as the story advances further. Adipurush, the classic film by Om Raut, has undergone quite a long production process leading up to the trailer's release. However, it appears that there won't be any further surprises about the film and that the movie will have a smooth opening at the theatres.


When different business professionals talked about Adipurush's advertising campaign, they all agreed that it got a fantastic start with the publication of the eye-catching posters. But the teaser that followed last year didn't help that much with the movie's promotion and advertisement campaign.


Taran Adarsh, a trade analyst, was speaking about his criticism of the movie’s teaser.

However, the teaser of Adipurush has turned out to be a pleasant surprise, and critics have agreed. Taran Adarsh stated, "Fortunately, I liked the trailer. 

 The posters caught my attention. I don't dispute that. However, it all seemed flat to me after the teaser. I have no recollection of those posters. But then, the Hanuman Ji poster and the "Jai Shri Ram" shoutout (lyric video) struck a chord with me. And now the trailer looked great to me. I enjoyed it both in 3D and 2D, where I saw it for the first time." He added, "Zameen aasman ka fark hai," when asked to describe the differences between the teaser and the full movie.

The difference resembles the north and south poles.However the teaser had raised doubts about the look and feel of the film but the trailer has raised the bar of expectations regarding the film.

Initially, Adipurush was to be released in January. However, the six-month wait allowed the filmmakers to focus more on the VFX and visual effects and aesthetic appeal of the film, and it seems that their strategy has been successful. Atul Mohan, an expert in the field, believes that the producers are to be commended for this choice.According to the filmmakers the storytelling of the fim is much more engaging that the teaser of the film and will enthrall the audience at the theaters,


Atul Mohan noted, "When the audience doesn't like something, you admit it and fix it according to the audience's expectations." "When you have already contributed a lot of money to your initiative.


 It takes courage to add more. People also enjoy it when producers acknowledge the mistake and fix it. Admitting that you didn't live up to people's expectations and that you are willing to put the project on hold doesn't make you small. Delaying a film is a big deal. Every day the interest increases. That's why the creators have shown their commitment by working on it for six months.


They have given glimpses of the action, he continued, sharing what he found effective about the trailer. The majesty and sheer scope of it are evident.


Girish Johar, producer and film industry expert, had this to say about the trailer, "With the teaser, everyone was stumped. They thought the film was more cartoonish than anything else. It's clear that between the first section, they started and this one, the sea has changed. It's more exciting now. I'm glad the producers and the filmmakers have finally listened to the audience and come back with more sparkle, which will no doubt be undisputed at the box office. After watching the trailer, you become more receptive to the rest of the film's content. You strive to find out their true desires. They build suspense and raise awareness for the impending release of a film of this calibre.


The exhibitor Akshaye Rathi had this to say about the release, "I wouldn't be surprised if it grosses 35-40 crores on the first day in all languages, depending on the marketing and how the communication around the film develops from now on." Prabhas' star power is working in the Telugu-speaking regions of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. And in the rest of the country, one of India's greatest stories is being told in the most visually stunning way conceivable. It could end up being one of the biggest releases of the year if they play their cards right from now on.

In Girish Johar's opinion, Adipurush is a family film and benefits from being able to be watched with the family. The narrative is suitable for family viewing, which is an added advantage of the film. Everyone will love to watch a classic family film on a grand scale and relieve the Ramayana. The Ramayana is the main plot on which the film is based and takes you back to the time of the classics.

The movie is produced by T-Series and Retrophiles, Adipurush stars Prabhas, Kriti Senon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh and Devdatte Nage in the roles of Lord Ram, Sita, Raavan, Lakshman and Hanuman respectively. The movie will hit the theaters on June 16.


It is customary for state governments to allocate duty-free film screenings in cinemas across the state. The AP government did this earlier for Balakrishna's Gautami Putra Sathakarni. This is usually done for films with historical relevance.


Now, there is talk that Prabhas' Adipurush, a mythological action epic based on Ramayana, should get tax exemption across the country.


With the tax exemption policy, ticket prices will come down a lot, which in turn will encourage more audiences to watch the film and generate more revenue. Adipurush is based on Ramayana, Indian classical mythology so it may get the advantage of duty-free film screening at the theaters.


Edited By:Kavya Vengkateshwaran

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