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The Jokes At The Golden Globes Were Not So Golden

By now, everyone has either heard of or seen clips from the Golden Globes, the annual awards ceremony, which took place this year on the 7th January 2024. After every Golden Globes, there is always something people get chatting about, whether this was an outfit or an incident. This year, it was poorly-tasted humour led by Jo Koy. 

After seeing clips of his bad-tasting jokes, I had to look him up, as I had never heard of him before. It was not a great first impression. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one with this opinion. Koy is known more in the US as a standup comedian and actor. He appeared on ABC’s: GMA3: What You Need to Know. Everybody is human, but do we have a comedian that needs a decorum lesson here, or just another loud-mouthed man who has been given a platform?

Koy opened the 81st Golden Globes with a monologue, done in past years by Ricky Gervais, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. Unlike the others, Koy’s monologue generally ran flat, and the jokes were not received well, especially as it is the year  2024. His jokes sounded like a sitcom script straight out of the 1990’s. His jokes throughout the night fell flat with both attendees and people viewing at home being highly unamused. Brazing misogyny,  if you will. Koy made one specific comment about the “Barbie” film, which came out in the summer of 2023. Koy explained that Barbie was about a plastic doll with big boobs. This unintentionally highlighted the underlying sexism the film faced, and in one fell swoop, Koy publicly made everyone aware that he did not understand the glaringly obvious point of the whole film. 

Following this, he went on to make a joke about Taylor Swift being on the screens at the NFL games too much. I find it funny that whenever feminism is mentioned, Swift is also often targeted. To me, this seemed like a man who thought 2023 was full of too much feminism. He could have hidden his misogyny a little better than shouting about it at the Golden Globes. No matter what, Barbie went on to win numerous awards.

Koy’s jokes did not go unnoticed by celebrities in the audience, such as Selena Gomez and Meryl Streep, who were in eye-rolling attendance. The Barbie cast and crew also tastefully showed their disapproval of the jokes. Barbie may not have been the glorious feminist film of the century, but to reduce the film to “plastic with big boobs” is simply gross.

Koy has since spoken out about this night of bombing on stage. He claims that the night was poorly organised, with him being asked to host ten days before the event. He even Ubered there, apparently. What a dreadful situation for him, I guess? I should probably be more understanding that this is a big event to host. Talking to so many famous people in one room and so many more on live television. That is no easy feat. Still, I feel like I would have done a better job in ten days. 

Koy summarised his night as an “off-night” and said that he “fell a little short.”. However, the comedian seemed to remain proud of his job that night. He added, “I wanted to give a bit more of me”. This comes from Koy insisting that he had writers who wrote a lot of his script and jokes that night. I thought his job would have been to come up with them himself. There is also a little speculation that Koy is now saying this to cover his own back. His jokes might really just be rotten. A personal favourite host of mine is Ricky Gervais. This is a man who knows how to equally humiliate everybody without crossing the line into just being stupid.


Edited by Sanjana Srinivasan

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