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TRNSMT Festival Glasgow. Why Go?

It’s that time of year when TRNSMT festival tickets go on sale. For those living under a rock, TRNSMT is a Glaswegian music festival held in Glasgow Green every summer. 2024’s lineup has just been released so I want to take you on a journey through my first TRNSMT festival and why I think it is worth attending, at least once.

Back in 2019, I went to this non-camping festival for the very first time. I went for one day with my friend. Since it was my first festival and I was very young I didn’t know what to expect from a British music festival that was, by all accounts, nothing like Coachella. I went unprepared for what I was about to experience. I saw performers such as The Kooks and Emilie Sande. It was a warm day, which is unusual for Glasgow, and I was melting. Luckily, the stewards on duty were vigilant and were always making sure cups of water were going out to people.

The festival flowed smoothly and I saw very little to no mishaps. The day turned to night and I watched the park flood with people as Lewis Capaldi came on. This was a mix of stand-up comedy and great music. I could not believe the turnout for Capaldi as every clearly heartbroken person in the crowd screamed their lungs out to his songs. I remember this performance fondly and credit him with lifting the whole concert, which was already excellent, and with making so many people around me happy and positive. Even though they were singing pretty depressing lyrics, Capaldi kept the act going with his humour. Today it still stands as one of TRNSMT’s best acts ever.

Then George Ezra came on and I was right at the front. I felt like a sardine. I was trapped in a tiny space with elbows in my ribs. This didn’t matter to me as I sang my wee heart out with my friend. George Ezra deserves more credit by the way. Overall I had an amazing day and it made memories that will stay with me for life. That year was particularly successful for the festival, however, disaster struck when Covid-19 came along. TRNSMT organisers did the best they could to quickly get TRNSMT back up and running after the series of lockdowns that struck the country. The festival itself became a marker for the people of Glasgow as an end to the madness. If TRNSMT could go ahead we were just about at the end of the pandemic tunnel. TRNSMT, if you will, was a beacon of light.

TRNSMT is a special festival and holds a tender place in my heart. I can say this having been to other festivals now. Glasgow is a special part of our world. It is full of the best and funniest people you will meet. TRNSMT itself just makes you appreciate being there and being part of this great city. The comradery and patriotism would make the sternest person smile. The crowds are always lively, friendly and inclusive with Scottish humour taking pride of place. It is truly the best atmosphere. If you need a reference, look at my other article. TheSocialTalks - Is Dylan John Thomas Glasgow's Next Icon?

There has grown to be a little stigma around this music festival. It seems to me that there is a lot of hate for the festival, which is currently the safest in the UK. A lot of people have turned on it, convinced it is only for a younger audience, but this was never the festival’s intention nor my experience of it. I found TRNSMT attendees to be from every generation.  2024’s headline acts are looking promising. From Liam Gallagher and Gerry Cinnamon to Calvin Harris, the festival has pulled in some of the most successful British musicians to date for this year’s big weekend. Personally, I will be there and so should you. I cannot bloody wait.


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