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Concern Over Climate Change Falls Globally - Despite Increasing Threat, Survey Finds

A new survey has found concerns surrounding climate change dwindled last year on a global scale, with less than half of those questioned believing it posed “a very serious threat” in the next 20 years to the countries they live in. 


In China, the world’s largest polluter, only 20% of people said they thought global warming was a very serious threat. That’s a significant 3% decrease on the last survey conducted in 2019 by Gallup World Risk Poll. 


Worldwide, there was a 1.5% fall in total, which resulted in only 48.7% of people believing it was an imminent danger.   


The survey itself was based on over 125,000 interviews conducted in 121 countries globally.


Interestingly, countries that face suffering the most from the devastating effects of climate change were the least inclined to believe it was a serious threat. 


Only 24.7% of those in the Middle East and North Africa and 39.1% in South Asia said they were concerned about the risks it will bring to their livelihoods.


According to Cision PR Newswire, a study by the Institute for Economics and Peace discovered that 750 million people worldwide are faced with undernourishment, which has been brought about by climate change, inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.   


Water shortages are another global issue caused by the impending climate catastrophe, with the same study showing over 1.4 billion people in 83 different countries are unable to gain access to clean drinking water. 


Whilst Africa and the Middle East are already grievously affected by this, countries in the Western World will also face the consequences. It’s expected that European nations like Greece, Italy and Portugal will face water shortages by 2040. 


There is already plenty of evidence of how the rising temperatures are affecting the world. Just this year, there have been numerous unexpected weather events, including heatwaves and droughts across Europe and the calamitous monsoon flooding in Pakistan. 


The findings of the recent survey come as the next global climate conference is about to take place in November, when the countries of the world will meet in Egypt for COP27.

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