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France is facing a new covid wave, with the Health Minister advising citizens to begin wearing masks in public again.

As tourism returns to France this summer, COVID-19 cases are rising, with hundreds of hospitalizations. These figures indicate that French residents should be on high alert. 


The government has decided to take action because of the increase in cases. To begin, French authorities have started advising their citizens to wear masks on public transportation. However, it seems that France is reintroducing mandatory acts in public places. 


Many European countries have eagerly eliminated most COVID-19 restrictions and opened their borders. France appears to be on the verge of reinstating some rules as tourism grows.


COVID-19 cases


France intends to keep some COVID-19 restrictions in place for travelers and advise citizens to wear masks. COVID-19 cases have resumed in France, with 1,245,997 points reported last week


With the virus on the rise, hospitals are seeing a surge of new COVID-19 patients. According to government reports, approximately 1,000 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized each day. The French government has expressed concern about this. 


Alain Fischer, the French vaccination chief, has confirmed that France is facing a new COVID-19 wave. Furthermore, in the last two months, the country has seen a steady increase in COVID-19 cases, with no new topics on the rise.


According to the government's top scientific adviser, this new wave is caused by emerging virus variants and is expected to peak mid-July this year. Furthermore, if no control is implemented, the virus is expected to overtake cases by autumn.


Hospitals are struggling because they are understaffed and have insufficient funding. An influx of hundreds of new patients can cause hospitals across the country to collapse.




Following the increase in COVID-19 cases, the French government has taken this new threat seriously. On June 21, Health Minister Brigitte Bourguignon declared that French citizens should start wearing masks in highly crowded public places, particularly on public transportation. 


This is not a mandatory rule but is practiced by the Health Minister, who stated that citizens should begin taking precautions and being more cautious by wearing masks. "We need to deal with the virus, but we can't stop living because of it," commuter Raphaelle Vetaldi explained.


There are no plans to reintroduce COVID-19 measurements to the public, according to French government spokesperson Olivia Gregoire. "The French people are tired of limitations." "We have faith that people will behave responsibly," she said on the French channel.


Following a drop in cases in April, France relaxed most COVID-19 restrictions, making masks optional. However, citizens are concerned that as chances increase, the government may reintroduce mandatory covers, travel passes, and constant COVID-19 tests. 


President Emmanuel Macron named the Health Minister the new face of the COVID-19 policy and decisions on Monday. This comes after much criticism, and all that remains is to await the government's next steps to stop this new COVID-19 wave.

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