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The Rise of Unionization: Popularization and Enaction

Unions are becoming an ever prevalent topic of discourse within the United States workforce, especially after the victory from the Amazon warehouse facility JFK8 in Staten Island which against the odds won with 2,654 for and 2,131 against. This whole movement behind unionization can be seen as a domino effect even when victories may be scarce considering another Amazon facility in Staten Island saw a loss in its unionization effort shortly after the success at JFK8.

Even though Union is organizing popping up among large scale companies like Starbucks, Apple, and Amazon, the growth of Unions is a trend likely to end. Could there be a more significant growth happening within the United States, one that the evolving mindset of Americans has influenced in regards to Labor?

In Los Angeles, California, at the Star Garden Topless Dive Bar, a group of exotic dancers voted to unionize in late March. If successful in their efforts to unionize, the coalition of workers will become the only Strip Club in the country to have Union Representation.

In the gaming industry, Raven Software has voted to unionize its QA team on May 23rd, 2022, in a 19 to 3 decision, with the head of Xbox, Phil Spencer stating he would recognize the Union.

The enthusiasm around unionization is beyond just retail and factory workers but in the realm of gaming and Adult entertainment. According to a Gallup survey, the support for unions among the general populace has been at its highest since 1965, with an estimated 68% of all Americans supporting partnerships. Among party demographics, nearly half of republicans. In contrast, the level of unionized members nationwide rests at 10.3% in comparison.

This has sparked a new push by some Democrats for the upcoming elections to lean in on Union support to garner support from specific demographics, including union workers themselves.

Senator Sanders, in a statement, said, “It is good politics to become strongly involved in the labor movement [and] support workers in their organizing efforts…I think it’s the right thing to do from a policy position. It is also very, very good politics. And I think if the Democrats don’t do that immediately, they will look at a very, very bad 2022.”

The push in the labor movement has been an ever-growing and ever-expanding struggle. With specific fields making the jump into organized Labor and seemingly insurmountable odds being beaten in the case of the labor Union organized at JFK8. As the efforts to unionize within the United States grow, there might be a return to the highest point in organized Labor back in 1954.









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