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Is Paper Journalism Dying Out?

A Little on Paper Journalism 

Paper journalism's a way of getting news out to people and informing people of things happening in the world in an offline way. Some may say it's dying out a bit. We mean that not many people are buzzed about offline journalism or interested in it. There are more ways it happens, may it be digital and online either way times are changing and people just aren't intrigued by paper journalism. 

Paper journalism goes back several  years ago. It was a good way to keep records and everything updated. However, not many people are buying newspapers anymore and it's going digital. There's nothing wrong with that but people aren't as keen to be updated with a physical copy of the newspaper. As trends update so do forms of the newspaper and the ways to go about informing people about the news. It may be digital websites or may it be an app, tv. Either way news platforms and brands need to upgrade and keep within the latest trends. 

Years ago you’d only hear about the local news within your town or country but today you hear about news all over and not just the basics about politics, the weather, or crime. You can hear about all forms of news such as deaths, celebrities, the latest trends, what the biggest political argument is, travel news and feature articles. We can also see people sharing their opinions about damn nearly everything and anything you’d like to hear about health  and education. Today you can hear about anything and everything in the world of news. You just have to go look for it. 

Everybody says paper journalism is dying for so many years but no matter what it has always found a way to survive and thrive. Although many people maybe moving away from newspapers, the media is still doing well.There are still jobs out there for people; they just have to be passionate enough, have good communication skills, and make sure they are staying within the latest news. There are more jobs within journalism, as well whereas before there weren’t many jobs because it was very tight and difficult to get a job. 

Where is the News space heading to?

There is a whole variety of journalism styles. The most known ones are investigative, news, columns, and feature writing. Investigative is providing the truth about people from the government or big corporations who attempt to keep illegal activities shushed and hidden. People may think investigative journalism is similar to sherlock homes and murder mystery, but it is not. 


Some of them maybe but it is also exposing big drug pins and public watchdog and scams and so much more. News is pretty self-explanatory: the latest headlines about anything 

newsworthy. Another thing is people may think that news is boring but I’d say you just haven’t found an article that you are particularly eager or really drawn into. They should just keep looking but if they cannot find it, you can not force it upon them. Trying to create a brand-new story can sometimes be difficult.Trying to think of stories makes it difficult when you are under pressure. This is because so many people have covered almost every story already out there. Yet, there is always a news lead from a small town a simple robbery story or the death or even somebody in your area going on tv. You just need to find a different angle for a story that may not have been reported. This is possible yet challenging to do as they need to make sure it’s unique. 

When you put the query into a search engine the results you get are varied and some believe that it is struggling to survive while others say that it isn’t dying out. People who think newsrooms are on their last legs point toward the US Bureau of Labor Statistics detailing that the newspaper industry has lost more than 50% of its employees since 2001. However, others believe that the media is evolving and finding new ways to be different. 

There are many different forms of reporting news. One more popular way is now digital and online. The total number of newsroom employees working in the digital sector has increased from 13,470 in 2018 to 18,030 in 2020. This is a very clear illustration of where many of us are spending our attention. On one hand many resources that national and local news had to survive are no longer needed or paid much attention whereas social media, podcasts and digital news in general are exposing more and more people to news than before that’s because nowadays everybody has some form of technology may that be a laptop, radio, phone, tv and so on. Not so long ago there were stories that people were losing jobs in online news sources. For instance, research has shown that 86 percent of Americans are getting their news from digital devices. 

These statistics alone would suggest that the journalism ecosystem is alive and well but its consumers have just migrated to other ways to have their news given to them. This isn't wrong, it just shows that more people prefer having their news delivered digitally instead of in newspaper form. Studies have shown that only 10 percent of people only get their news from actual print these days. 


Overall journalism may be changing its platforms but is not dying itself. Just because one way of consuming news is fading out because people do not buy as many newspapers as before does not mean it’s completely disappeared and died out. There are just other ways people do journalism now and other ways people go about finding it. 


Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! Do you think or feel like paper journalism is dying or do you think it’s just forming different ways to tell you about the news?


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