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Love Ambitious Women? What To Watch This November.

November is here and is a month you either love or hate. Most of us are trying to work as much as we can to earn more money for Christmas. This can be stressful and overwhelming, so it is vital to take time to relax. A perfect way of doing this and getting into the spirit of this time of year is to watch a movie or TVseries, preferably where women are portrayed in all of their strong feminine glory. Here are my top five recommendations for what to watch this month. All have the core element of girl power.


  1. When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a timeless rom-com which follows the lives of two people in New York City. The plot follows a twelve-year span where Harry and Sally occasionally encounter each other, first as acquaintances, then as friends, and finally as lovers. There is entertaining bickering and jesting, matchmaking each other with their friends, relationship breakdowns where they console each other and finally sex. Billy Crystal's fast-paced wit coupled with Meg Ryan’s convincing orgasm in one diner scene are just some of the reasons why this film is so appealing. Personally, I enjoy seeing the autumnal settings and clothing throughout the movie. This film will make your heart warm and you will hear yourself chuckle. Its cosy vibe is perfect for a night after work and walking the dog. Make sure you have a cup of hot chocolate whilst watching it. 


  1. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is a coming-of-age  mini series brought out in 2020. Although a newer show in the grand scheme of things, it is not short of greatness. The series follows the life of an orphan, Beth, who is an expert chess player in an era where it was an unlikely profession for a woman. This is set against a background of drug and alcohol abuse which will have you rooting for Beth to overcome her addiction and win a major tournament. The mainly autumnal colour scheme makes it the perfect series to watch at this time of year.


3. Chalet Girl

Craving some snow? Chalet Girl, released in 2011, is your go-to. With an inspirationally fresh plot, the film has you feeling sad for Kim at the start, supporting her through her struggles and high-fiving the air when she comes out on top. Set in a ski resort, Kim, an ex-champion skateboarder, takes a job as a chalet girl in a posh chalet to help support her father. There she finds a different way of life and rediscovers herself, her passion for skateboarding and romance. Heart warming and uplifting.


    4. Little Women (2019)

Looking for an old time classic? Little Women is a timeless story of a family of girls who are coming of age whilst their father is away fighting in the American civil war. Little Women will remind you of the struggles of your youth and will make you feel excited for life, especially for Christmas. The large family dynamic in this movie will make anyone feel comforted and whole. This is a sad but ultimately a feel-good film where the world is set to rights at the end. Make sure you have your tissue box close by.


5. Gilmore Girls

Last but not least we have a personal favourite of mine. The cult classic, Gilmore Girls, released in 2000. With the two central characters both being strong women, it fits into this list perfectly. It follows the story of best friends, a single mother and her daughter who live in a small American town. The dialogue is fast-paced and witty with the unusually quirky residents of the town keeping us entertained with mini plots throughout. The series is ideal for this time of year, especially if you are into binge-watching as it has a full seven series with each series averaging 22 episodes. Pure bliss on those cold dark nights. 


It’s time to get cosy, grab your drink of choice and chill in front of the T.V. with the remote in hand. Enjoy!



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