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Yes! You Deserve a Mental Health Break

Your mind deserves a break too! The Stigmas regarding mental health are still common and people suffer inside the cage of their thoughts as a result. Emotions are bottled up instead of being confronted. There is still a sense of shame and hesitation regarding confrontations of mental health-related issues.

All we need is little courage to step forward and say how we feel. Mental health issues are a major area of concern. We care too little for our mental health. Don't be shy from sharing your mental health pain people are here to help. 

For a change, trust people and give them a chance. You will be surprised to know that how many people will stand up for/with you. The recent incident of Simone Biles and Ben Stokes has encouraged people to speak up about it and take a break if they need to.

Simone Biles backed off from events of the Tokyo Olympics due to twisties. Twisties are a health condition where the mind and the body lack communication. She decided to take a break, and she deserved it.

Naomi Osaka took a break from Tennis a month back. She skipped the news conference for her mental health. Naomi pressed on the point that before our professions, we are humans too. Everyone deserves a break.

We don’t take the necessary steps or the means are not available at times, which leads to further deterioration of mental health. There are days when we feel all blue. We submerge in the thoughts that are non-stop. Our mind is preoccupied with various things, and we are just dealing with them silently. All you need to do is take a bold step to choose yourself over others.

All-rounder Ben Stokes took an indefinite break from cricket for the sake of his mental health. For this decision, he received massive support from his friends and fans. Eoin Morgan said that it’s the right call by Ben Stokes. Joe Root said that all he wants is his friend to recover.

Virat Kohli commented that sports authorities should think about our player's mental health. A recent example is proof that people are breaking the stigma. People are coming forward to share their pain. Incidents like these give the masses the confidence to deal with their problems. Common-man gets the confidence to seek help.

This very instance is proof that your friends will be there to support you. One step of braveness and the support by friends will be enough to make you feel good. It’s in our mind that people will judge us, while the people who care about us will not.

Companies should value the mental health of their workers. Little care could build the productivity of the workers in the company. Recently, Bumble gave their whole global workforce a week of paid holidays to refresh themselves. Bumble should be an inspiration for all companies. One company can grow when employees work with concentrated minds.

From time to time, camps should be organized in offices to make the workers talk. These workshops should be a source of new energy. Organizing events in offices can make employees feel less burdened, and they could work efficiently.

For the sanity of people, companies should think about a break from work. The companies should have mandatory policies where people can take a break for the sake of their mental health.

Mental Health days should be every country's priority, where people know the importance of it. People who have made the thoughts their reality should be motivated for professional help.

Schools and colleges should hire professionals who talk to students. Education must show how seeking help is the principal for a peaceful life.

Emotions are not to be bottled up. When you feel that you are diving in the path of a breakdown, ask for help. You will be surprised to know that people are ready to help. We need to make sure that opening up about mental health should not only be a privilege of few people.

People from every race, class, caste, and gender should speak up. Only we together can deal with it.





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