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Everything You Need to Know About the New Apple iPhone 15

Happy Anniversary! It’s been one year since you got your brand new   iPhone! Fortunately, Apple has just come out with a brand new   iPhone...yes, again. In case you encounter malfunctions with your  personal device or want a slight upgrade to a different camera lens or  home screen, you are in luck! The new iPhone 15 is out, but is it truly  worth it?  

Apple continues to promote its new electronic devices, persuading the  consumer into believing they are must-have items. However, it is not  significantly different from previous iPhones of recent years, despite a  few new features. With a more in-depth analysis of the new iPhone 15,  one can decide whether to stick with your handy iPhone X or go for an  upgrade.  

The latest addition to Apple’s iPhone was released for public sale on   September 22, 2023. It is available in four models: iPhone 15, 15 Plus,  15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. What’s the difference between them?  Furthermore, can they be considered different enough to prior releases?  

The iPhone 15 is the most affordable among them, priced at $799 for the  128 GB model. In addition, one can anticipate spending around $899 for the 15 plus, $999 for the 15 Pro, and a whopping $1,199 for the Pro  Max. Consumers will need to pay more for assuredly more   technological advances per generation.  

Similarly, the previous iPhone 14 still remains the same price upon the  release of the new device.  

It is no secret your iPhone’s battery life tends to deteriorate after   continuous use, so much that you might have to purchase a new one   before you are ready for an upgrade. Apple does not speak upon the   improved battery life, so one would expect it to remain the same as the   iPhone 14. Displays are often a feature that has remained the same   since the iPhone X, except for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus, which exhibit  a brighter screen  

All iPhone 15 models have a new look with rounded out edges,   compared to sharper corners on previous models. They are also about an 

ounce lighter than the previous iPhone 14, weighing in at 6.6  ounces compared to 7.27 ounces.This weight reduction is due to the new  incorporation of thinner switches, display bezels, and a newly featured  “action button”. Apple has replaced the ring/silent switch with a custom  action button that you can access to your camera, voice memos,   flashlight, and even your noise cancellation switch. This iPhone update  from Apple seems needless, and the announcement is probably viewed  as an effort to persuade customers to try it out for themselves by using  the goods.

Another huge change for not only the iPhone 15 releases but Apple products as a whole is the introduction of the new USB- C port.  The previous lightning cable was exclusive to Apple products, while the majority of other companies were using a traditional USB-C cable. With  this change, consumers are now able to charge another device from the  iPhone using this cable, such as AirPods or a non-Apple device.  

There are, however, some more interesting features that have people  deeming the new iPhone worth the money. This includes the new  voicemail feature for Facetime, which is included in the IOS 17 release.  With it, you can leave a video voicemail when your FaceTime call goes  unanswered, whether it's a quick update, a beautiful view, or just the  desire to see your loved ones.  

In addition to this, Apple is launching a set of new pastel colors,  including yellow, pink, green, blue, or black, with the iPhone 15 and 15   Plus. Prior to this release in 2012, Apple released colored iPhone for   the first time with the iPhone 5c. It featured five neon colors which   skyrocketed prices and sales of the phone. Furthermore, the iPhone 15  Pro and Pro max feature a different set of colors, including white   titanium, blue titanium, black titanium, and a natural titanium.  

An exclusive safety feature in the new release inhibits satellite   connection to help with roadside assistance in case of an emergency. It   connects a user with car problems in areas with no wifi or cell signal to   AAA for help. With this new safety precaution, along with crash 

detection and emergency SOS via satellite, the new iPhone is helpful in  an emergency.  

The new iPhone 15 offers a few new upgrades for the consumer,  including new colors, safety features, FaceTime voicemails, and a better   camera quality. However, it does not seem worth paying for an upgrade  from your personal device if you own anything above an iPhone X. This  product launch has a majority of similar features to previous iPhones,  especially, the necessary functions in a cellular device, such as calling,  texting, and capturing photos and video. The only reason to consider  spending almost $1,000 on the iPhone 15 is if you frequently travel to  areas with no cell service or if you require an immediate upgrade. If not,  I’d say save your money. 



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