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Delhi Police to Investigate 4 Bikers' Deaths Caused by Chinese Manjha

The Delhi High Court ordered the Delhi Police's crime department to look into four cases of biker deaths that were caused  by Chinese Manjha on Friday. Chinese Manjha is a glass coated synthetic thread used to fly the kites. The government of India has banned Chinese Manjha on July 11, 2017. According to the petitioner's attorney, the Chinese Manjha's throat-slitting attack was to blame for all of these motorcyclist deaths.



The criminal branch was instructed by Justice Prathiba M. Singh to look into the four deaths that happened in August 2021, July 2022, and August 2022. There are already first information reports as FIRs on file. The Delhi Police were asked to provide the court with a thorough status report. The Delhi court also mandated that the police submit a compliance report within six weeks. On April 12, there will be another hearing in this matter.


According to Dynamite News, for the manufacturer who is selling Chinese Manjha in the markets, whether it is available or not, the shopkeepers are arraigned as defendants. The  state of the FIR or any other FIR lodged must all be included in the status report, according to the court.


The court further ordered that government representatives visit the marketplaces to educate the shopkeepers of the consequences of utilising the Chinese Manjha and its legal ramifications.

Legal ramification simply refers to the legal consequences of an action.


The court further ordered that an appropriate statement be made about damages for the caused deaths. The court ruled that any additional innocent deaths brought on by Chinese Manjha will be viewed as a breach of duty. A plastic guard can be installed in the motorcycle to increase safety, however, the Delhi police issue challans for doing so. The court ordered Delhi Police to issue a warning in this regard. Challans are a type of official receipt that must be completed in order to pay cash or deposit a check with a bank, the tax authority, a government agency, etc.


Additionally, the petitioner's attorney said Chinese Manjha is illegal to manufacture, supply, sell, distribute, use, etc. However, it is still on the market and killing defenceless cyclists.


Officials from the Delhi Government, SDMs, and police personnel will be informed of the decisions made about the Chinese Manjha issue in the interim.


The court was informed during the hearing that the status report and affidavit were submitted earlier.


The Chinese Manja is also accessible online, according to the Delhi Police's attorney, and it continues to be harmful to both human beings and animals. The court also ordered the police to include information in the report about how the Chinese Manjha was made.

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