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Doctor Passes Away at Nizam Institute of Medical Sciences

Around 9:10 pm on Sunday, February 26, 2023, a postgraduate medical student enrolled in Warangal’s Kakatya Medical College was pronounced dead at the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences (Nims). The student, Dr. Preethi Dharavath, fought for her like for approximately 85 hours before passing away. At this point, the suspected cause of death is a suicide, but the family believes it was another cause.


The superintendent of Nims Hospital issued a statement that said, "In continuation of the health update of Dr. Preethi, despite continuous efforts by a multidisciplinary team of specialist doctors, she could not be saved and was declared dead."


Dr. Preethi's family denied any kind of medics to move her body. The deceased’s father, D. Narender, shared that police offer Joel Davis had spoken with the family and assured them they had the government’s support. 


Additionally, her father stated, “We are not ready to accept this. Whatever is the assurance, let it be on paper and it has to be conveyed in person to us.” He goes on to stress that the family will not rest until there is support and action for the horrific event. 


Furthermore, Dr. Preethi’s brother Vamshi Prudhvi is also pushing for reconciliation. Reportedly, Dr. Mohammed Saif, senior to Dr. Preethi, had been harassing her, and Vamshi Prudhvi is demanding to know what happened. He stresses that there must be action taken against Dr. Saif. 


The family would not allow Preethi’s body to be moved for quite a while. It was not until the story went print that the body was moved for post-mortem examination. Police were brought to the scene to supervise as the body was moved. Prudhvi claimed it was a clear case of murder and that Dr. Preethi was not a person who would commit suicide. He stated, “When I met her a week before the alleged suicide attempt, she told me about the harassment from Saif and expressed the confidence that she would handle it alone.”


Prudhvi shares that she was in surgery on the morning of her death, and later in the day, she was found unconscious with her phone data erased. This evidence implies that someone else was involved, posing her death as a suicide. 


After Dr. Preethi’s death, people from various organizations and parties arrived at the hospital carrying signs, pleading for justice and action. These people demanded that action be taken against Dr. Saif, and massive groups of female protestors stormed the police at the hospital. 


As the protests continued, the deceased’s body was sent to Gandhi Hospital for an examination.


On Sunday, audio recordings were shared on social media between Dr. Preethi and her mother. Reportedly, “her mother appeared to be assuring her to be strong and that they will intervene. Dr. Preethi is also heard saying that only Dr. Saif was harassing her.” The clip between the deceased and her mother is being investigated by the police and sent away for analysis. 

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