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Everything about Meghan Markle "Stems From a Hatred and Jealousy of Kate Middleton," In line with Royal Commentator

Everyone appears to have an opinion on the Netflix documentary series on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex is being criticized by a royal critic who appeared as a guest on Megyn Kelly's show, who claims that the entire documentary is essentially focused on Meghan's "hatred and envy" against the Princess of Wales (formerly known as Kate Middleton). Here is more information about that as well as Kelly's opinion of what Prince Harry presently needs most. 


In a documentary, Kelly criticizes the Sussexes for their whining. 


On her Sirius XM show, Kelly criticized the duke and duchess's Harry & Meghan docuseries. She was joined by British critics Sophie Corcoran and Leilani Dowding. 


Kelly said, "Believe it or not, this couple is still complaining. From the Montecito mansion, with two gorgeous, perfectly healthy children, a small chicken coop and flower garden out back, matching Uggs for Meghan and her toddler, all royal titles still intact, complete with matching stationary, and nearly $200 million in the bank thanks to their insatiable desire to finally tell their story. 

The Daily Mail said that Rebecca English and several other royal observers concurred with Kelly's assessment that the Sussexes had "overstepped their play for sympathy in ways that stretched the truth beyond its bursting point."


The critic thinks Meghan's "hatred and jealousy of Kate" is the basis for the docuseries. 


Corcoran spoke up during the program and was frank in her evaluation of the series. Because Meghan is a manipulator, Corcoran claimed that she desired dominance. She wanted to have manipulative abilities. She was unable to influence the British press. She was upset because of this. Because she couldn't make others write the stories she wanted them to, she fled to write the stories from her point of view. Then Corcoran said, "This entire documentary has been motivated by a dislike and jealousy of Kate. That is the leading cause of the whole situation, including Harry and Meghan's and the royal family's issues. Because Kate is stunning, elegant, about to become queen, and the centre of attention, Meghan finds her intolerable. No one will ever pay Megan any attention.


According to Kelly, Prince Harry needs "a real psychotherapist." 


Kelly also attacked the Duke of Sussex, saying that the amount of "emotional burden Harry's still carrying" is "huge," so it wasn't just Meghan who was targeted. Good heavens, she said, "is this man insecure... He still hasn't recovered from the trauma of his mother's untimely passing. I told myself again that this man needed therapy. A legitimate psychotherapist. That was what he required. 

In a recent interview, Harry claimed that counseling had helped him decide how to live his life now that he is no longer a working royal.


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