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French President Emmanuel Macron held a press conference in Brussels during a European Council

On Friday, March 24, French President Emmanuel Macron held a press conference in Brussels, Belgium during a European Council. He discussed the Ukraine war, the postponed visit of King Charles III to France, the protests in France as a consequence of the pension reform, and his future visit to China.


First, Macron addressed the Ukraine war and what the European Union members have worked on. He said: “We reaffirmed our support for Ukraine to win the conflict in the face of Russian aggression. We will tirelessly continue our efforts on all political, economic, military, and humanitarian levels for as long as necessary.” Concerning military help, Macron said: “In the very short term, we will accelerate deliveries to Ukraine of ammunition and missiles of all types available in the stocks of the Member States.” 


Regarding the postponed visit of King Charles III to France amid protests in the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron said that not rescheduling King Charles III's visit “wouldn’t be serious.” Because this news had many people confused in France or in the United Kingdom, the French President gave the reason why the visit was canceled: “Last night, the inter-union announced a new day of mobilization on Tuesday, March 28, and the King's visit was scheduled from Monday, March 27 to Wednesday, March 29. I think we would lack a certain common sense to propose to his majesty to make a state visit in the middle of demonstrations.” Furthermore, according to Emmanuel Macron, a new date will be found at the beginning of the summer for King Charles III to come to visit France.


Then, the French President answered the journalists’ questions regarding the pension reform protestations in France. He said: “The country cannot be at a standstill, we have a lot of challenges.” 

He listed the work France has to do and the issues the country is facing. For instance, the next summer's drought, the water shortages, the need to reform the labor market, and create jobs.

Then, he discussed the demonstrations’ brutality:  “Faced with the violence, which I distinguish from the demonstrations, we will also continue to have the greatest firmness. I condemn the violence that has been witnessed. I call on everyone’s responsibility and assure of my support to the police who have done an exemplary job.”


Finally, Emmanuel Macron talked about his future visit to China beginning of April. Macron said: “I focused on bringing a European voice to China.” He announced he would be accompanied by the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen. The French President added: “I offered President von der Leyen to accompany me on part of the visit to have a united voice.”


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