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United States Approves F-16s for Ukraine’s Air Defense

United States President Joe Biden has finally given approval that the nation would send F -16s to Ukraine, in support of the training of Ukrainian pilots in use. 


The approval was made a day before Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky made his way to the G7 summit in Hiroshima to meet with the other world leaders. 


Zelensky welcomed the decision-making as it would be helpful during the conflict in making the Ukrainian army powerful in the skies. The president also mentioned how he would make awareness of this decision at the G7 summit in Hiroshima.   


“ This will greatly enhance our army in the sky. I count on discussing the practical implementation of this decision at the G7 summit in Hiroshima.” 


Three months before the decision, Biden was asked by ABC News in an interview about sending F-16s to Ukraine.” 


Biden  responded by listing the things the seasoned military decided on what the Ukrainian military will need such as tanks, artillery, air defence and HIMAR before giving a clear ‘no’..   


On May 20, the White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan established how they would work with their allies closely in working out the details while preparing Russia’s reaction to the progress.  


World leaders highlighted how they would assist Ukranian pilots throughout their flight training.


The United Kingdom prime minister Rishi Sunak mentioned how they will work with the US, Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark on ensuring  Ukraine getting their ‘combat air capability needs.’


The United Kingdom is a country that doesn’t have F-16s. However, the UK’s Prime Minister established that they are aiming to open a ‘UK flying school’ allowing the Ukrainian pilots to train in using ‘different types of aircraft.’ 


Netherland prime minister Mark Rutte revoked the same words as the UK’s prime minister in making Ukraine aware of how they would be working with the UK, Belgium, and Denmark in giving full support to the training of ‘Ukrainian pilots on F -16 fighter jets.’ 

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