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Mattia Giangapero | Italy, Milan


The world of politic informations already is saturated with opinion. The Mainstream newspapers support more and more political parties and this is one of the problems in informing people. I would like to propose information that goes back to what it once was: clean, transparent, clear and concise. As a journalist, the goal I set myself is to offer the reader the opportunity to create their own opinion or point of view on the world, through essential information. I strongly believe that it is a duty to raise one's voice on issues that are treated with little impartiality. The task of a journalist is to really understand what the needs of the people are and try not only to inform about the facts, but also to train on broader issues that encompass all news items. For me, journalism is and always will be a collective intelligence, free for all, a service for the people.  Just give the word to fake journalists who carry political slogans and flags. If you believe these words too, like me, Support me and support The Social Talks. We get out of the controversy fomented by other newspapers, we look away at a real change.

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