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Self-motivation leads a person to his destiny. Appetite is a natural desire to fulfil a need, especially food. Like food is used to fulfil our empty stomach is in the same way desire leads to the work that tends to fulfil our needs. One who is fond of eating will develop a strong appetite for it. It is human civilization's appetite for work that is developed and modified with desires and dreams. Dreams lead to success and appetite leads to fulfilling the dreams. Self-respect is idle for every woman and man but that is acquired by motivation and a handful of work execution. Thus similarly desire and motivation lead to active proceedings. Unless one starts working he will not proceed to move. He will fail to learn the approach and will fail to understand the route. One needs to put his first feet to achieve his destiny at the first step second will be achieved third will be execution. Execution is followed by practical and a handful of theories. The more put effort into the execution the more successful we will be as execution leads to the fulfilment of the target and that leads to victory. Thus important to encourage her to move first or to herself or move first to achieve the target. Always moving first is not the target and always starting from last is not the either one. One has to be that sure and ready with his ideas to start a new one as ideas lead the human body to target. The target must be focused properly to be achieved. An artist feels motivated and starts to draw when he or she completes the framework of his art. He becomes motivated by the progress of the work. People get stability when they facilitate to move and let the people near them move. Certain times situations may not be in our control but when we start to work and put more effort into it the thing turns to take a shape. Plans are like the muscle in a skeleton that leads the body to shape else skeleton itself is meant to shape the body with proper infrastructure. When activity proceeds it takes up a target that it leads to follow but when it is guided by plans it leads to success the majority of the time. The nation of the person instantly replies to the hard work of the residents and honours them with awards. But who are these peoples? Who are they who are awarded? Are they natural as we are? ….NO the answer to these questions is NO. It takes hardly any time to be like the motivating people but it takes plenty of time to be the supreme epitome as supreme epitomes are the real leaders of their destiny that leads them to success. It is something like PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT. The more perfection we maintain the more perfect our work will be as practice leads to perfection. The practice includes writing, planning, execution, correction, coincidences and adjustments. Mixing these six powers when we decide to build up an empire. It is built so with proper perfection as it is believed that ROME WAS NOT BUILT  IN A DAY. Further, it is also believed that perfection deals with self-orientation and less contradiction with more concentration. Together they make the best. Thus when the matter comes to bringing perfection in plans it must be understood that WHEN IN ROME DO AS ROMANS DO and should also be fathomable to the factor that UNEASY LIES THE HEAD THAT WEARS THE CROWN. We should set the ball of our labour to set the concentration on achievement of our destiny.

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