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Necessity is the mother of invention


Earlier men were a slave to nature. Whatever nature provided was eaten up or ruined by man. They did not know the distinction between good and bad. They did not know which way was good and which path lead to failure. All they knew was that there food and their habitat. With gradual improvement in civilization, the civilization started to improve and changes came in the life of the homosapiens. The earlier man was a social animal but now they are grown-up modified humans who are capable enough to serve their own needs. They know how to eat how to dress up and most importantly how to lead their life in their habitat. They know what is right and what is wrong and which way they should choose and which way they should omit. It is believed that man is the father of invention which is true but at the same time goes through many doubts. Man in the 21st generation brings miraculous changes in his work with a self inventions like household appliances, automobiles etc. All of these are human inventions which h fulfil all our needs in our daily life. But most importantly we should remember the "PRACTICE MAKES A MAN PERFECT “ which is similarly applicable to the "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION".Necessity is the need to fulfil our requirements. It deals with how we deal with our daily lifestyle and how we cope with the vacancies. Vacancies lead to the destruction of work and raw materials required for work go in vain when vacancies lead to an increase in number.

Mans's journey is savagery to modernity is squarely motivated by the given idea. When we do not need a thing we pay the least interest on it. But when we are in extreme need of it we became aggressive to get it. Man has invented several useful things. Behind every discovery and innovation there lies greed and need for the invention. This invention by man leads to a discovery which later makes it patent. But this invention by man is not self-oriented. It is necessary that leads a man to the invention of the goods that are needed in our daily basis of life. Life is not meant to surpass all the obstacles but how we deal with regular problems and the solutions to them. But most importantly how do we combat them. Life is not only about facing happiness and bypassing the lust it is about facing the reality and how we make a difference by bringing changes with it. Cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, and Bangalore brings about revolutionary changes every time they think about bringing innovation. Cities like Chennai and southern India bring about changes in hospital management and commodities so that innovations can lead to the success of humanity and not only of human life. The success of humanity lies in the innovation that the doctors bring in with their noble cause. The noble cause of the doctors is worth of mention. We decide to bring about changes in democracy and ultimately it was the human kingdom that brought about freedom to the human civilization with their gradual development from vestigial organs to modified limbs. Thus human kingdom is “NEVER TOO OLD TO LEARN;NEVER TOO LATE TO TURN”.

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