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Make Hay When The Sun Shines

The proverb is a Chinese proverb that says that we should take advantage of the time when it is in our favor. It highlights that when we are in the motion, we should highlight our destiny; otherwise, it will go in vain. If the situation is in our favor, we should approach victory; otherwise, we will be in great danger. We can compare the idea with 'as you sow, so shall you reap' and with 'Time and tide wait for none. It is also connected with an 'a stitch in time saves nine.


Earlier it was believed that time was countless and could never be counted. It does not stop or start for anyone. It is like the ocean that moves with every moment. So the work has to be that fast so that it can never be delayed due to any obstacle. It proves the value of ties and makes us believe in our work with more confidence and less restlessness. The more countable we become, the faster we will be and the more habituated we will be with the surrounding.


 According to Greenwich, it is believed that the fastest people work according to time, but the reality is they do not give time a second to react but rather behave according to time as they know that 'time and tide wait for none. Time shapes destiny, but it accustoms people to their surroundings by designing their destinies according to their suitable lead. Henceforth, these leads define how they should move in the future and how they should handle every time they meet an obstacle. Having faith in our work is a must virtue as faith helps us achieve the motive by putting dauntless effort that brings results through our hard work.


Our hard work is the result of the achievement that we make. To sow when the sunshine is the idle proverb for the contemporary corporate world as we are the Humans who decide where to sow our destiny and how to reap our life. We are not gods, but HUMANS are the most modified creation of god and are the sole proprietor. They know where to assign and where to reject. They know how to handle the lifestyle and how to reject someone's proposal. They know how to run the world on their doorstep and operate the media. Thus Humans are the most important people and creation on the earth that we 21st generation people should realize.


The humans have created the shopping malls and the multistoried building and have made the statue of liberty with painful designs and architecting. The humans have completed the great walls of china in an earlier period. Even though the Chinese civilization had a significant revolutionary change in their work, their habitat is still the same throughout their generation. Self-realization in the dark days is the first symbol of success, leading to self-motivation and self- aspiration. The more we get scared of the world and media, the more world will eat up the space of success in our hearts.


The more we sow hay in sunshine, the more we will be informed of the mistakes that we make as making hay when the sun shines is a science that tells human psychology. Thus making hay when the sunshine stands as the superior, and most understandings in human civilization as humans are a kind in nature.




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