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Alexander Wang Attempts To Make A Comeback Post-Assault Claims

Alexander Wang re-entered the New York City fashion realm for the first time in three years after his name was at the center of sexual assault allegations filed in 2020. Although Wang’s show was not officially a part of New York Fashion Week, his show still brought in more than 150 guests. 


Cancel culture may be nonexistent in the fashion industry as Wang begins his return. Wang’s first fashion show back was in Los Angeles’ Chinatown in April. The most recent show kicked off in Manhattan’s Chinatown, marking his second show post-assault claims. 


Wang launched his brand in 2005 and, soon after launching, became a favorite celebrity designer. He became known as a prominent face of the New York City party scene, which ended up catching up to him. In 2020, Wang was at the center of several sexual misconduct allegations.


Claims spread across the internet that Wang had drugged, raped, and sexually assaulted several individuals. These claims came anonymously and on the record as publications like the New York Times began pushing stories. Accusers continued to step forward as the claims gained traction.


Wang began by denying all claims in January 2021, claiming they were fabricated. However, within two months, Wang changed his statement and acknowledged his wrongdoing on Instagram in March 2021. 


“A number of individuals have come forward recently to raise claims against me regarding my past personal behavior. I support their right to come forward, and I’ve listened carefully to what they had to say. It was not easy for them to share their stories, and I regret acting in a way that caused them pain,” Wang said on his Instagram page.


Wang is working on making his silent comeback with the hope that people don’t remember his past. 


Wang showcased his new pre-fall collection on a heart-shaped runway. Attendees climbed a pink-lit stairwell as they entered the arena of love with zebra-printed carpets and mauve velvet curtains. The seating for the show was arranged in a double-heart pattern. They were lining the perimeter for the “Cupid’s Door” runway. The music and setting matched the femme fatale theme of Wang’s collection. 


According to the show notes, the “Cupid” presentation was a celebration of romance. This theme was inspired by, “the alpha character who embodies empowerment and controls their own narrative and point of view through strength, dressing, and attitude.”


The show was powerful and made a strong point. Subtly, the show made it clear that Wang was here to stay and his comeback was in the making. The “alpha man” in the show symbolizes Wang. The show puts forth the message that Wang will not be held down or be taken out of the industry because of the situation he found himself in. Instead, he will regain power with time, strength, and perseverance.


Wang was thought to be out of the industry, but his most recent show states that he can not be held down and will be on top again. The show filled Wang with the hope that the industry would welcome him back after the scandal. 

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