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Atomic Bombshell: Barbie, Oppenheimer And The Nomination Commotion

Atomic Bombshell: Barbie, Oppenheimer And The Nomination Commotion


It is no surprise that Barbie is still trending   five months after its premiere, and it appears to be a frontrunner, along with Oppenheimer, for the upcoming Golden Globes. . 


For most people,Barbie was a good laugh. Within a pink, dreamy setting, it presented a strong, powerful message not only for little girls but for women who grew up playing with the doll. Director Greta Gerwig managed to make a transcendental impact on a worldwide audience.

 However, not everything was pink and glittery this past summer. Christopher Nolan transformed the story of J. Robert Oppenheimer into a modern classic. The director is well-known for turning what is supposed to be science fiction into real science. Oppenheimer’s narrative is meant to make the audience meditate upon how Oppenheimer’s invention changed the world permanently.

 Although “Barbenheimer” fever has stolen the spotlight, another not-so-conventional story that is racking up nominations in TV categories is the very successful family drama, Succession. Breaking records with 9 nominations for its final season, the show was nominated in every category it was eligible for.

 Above all, the 2024 Golden Globe nominations are a huge step forward in inclusivity. They feature two female directors alongside a host of diverse actors, such as Colman Domingo in Rustin (the true story of the man who helped Martin Luther King organize the 1963 March on Washington), Lily Gladstone in Killers of the Flower Moon (the story of the brutal murders behind white settlers attempted dispossession of an Oklahoma Osage family), and Jeffrey Wright in American Fiction (the story of a literature professor who becomes a pseudonymous success writing a potboiler he loathes in a joke that backfires on the author).

 The roster is particularly exciting,  not only from its  inclusivity but also due to its  first-time nominees,  such as actors Greta Lee and Pedro Pascal.

While the nominations may have  brought a joyful feeling to big audiences, they were not the only ones sensing it; award-winner Emma Stone expressed heartfelt sentiment, describing her character in the gothic comedy Poor Things as a favorite in her career. “I love every aspect of her,” Stone said of Bella. “The idea of a woman starting from scratch and being in love with all things that happen in life – the good and the bad. That she’s so fascinated by everything and hungry for experience, I think was really inspiring.”


While the awards themselves will take place in the  first week of January, their nominations already  include  a diverse landscape of narratives, talent, and storytelling. They absolutely capture the essence of the cinematic experience, and such strong competition will make the 2024 Golden Globes a ceremony to remember.


Edited by Sydney Smith


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