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Vaping - Young Scene

Vaping - Young Scene


Vaping is a form of smoking. It is not as harmful as smoking tobacco. It's to try to wean people off heavily smoking tobacco. Yet a lot of young people are now picking up this habit. It never really was popular in the 2000s but now it has gotten very popular among young teens and this is because of the variety of flavors. It is becoming very concerning for families, parents, and doctors.


History of vape

Vaping did not start until a particular  2010 year though it has always been around, it grew more popular in certain years. When you look back at history you begin to realize how much vaping has grown and become popular. It first started and was created by a Chinese pharmacist in 2003 called Hon Lik. The product then gained popularity among Chinese smokers as a potential alternative device to stop smoking. It really became popular in the year 2010 because people wanted to enjoy more clouds and enjoy more flavors. It was also seen as a way for people to smoke less and not go so heavy on smoking. It has helped people in some ways for the better but still has an impact and made people worse due to it.


People and businesses started to give in to the demand for people who wanted to vape and started creating boxes for their consumers to help them have more control over how much they vaped, the intensity of the flavor, how big the clouds were and so much more. 

The product of vaping has come such a long way since it first started out in the early 2000s and this is because times have changed and technology has advanced so much and we now have a better understanding of what we can do to make e-cigarettes more updated with the high demand and style. When vaping was something completely different to the scene and at first, it was like a very small pen or pencil-style vape. Since then vapes have become more advanced to suit our needs and demands. Today they are many different variations of vapes. We now have access to disposables and refillable ones that look more appealing to us and to the much younger generation.


Why do young people vape?

The younger generation has been picking up the habit of vaping and becoming more and more addicted to vaping. There are thousands of reasons why. Just a couple of the reasons are they are attracted to the variety of flavors the vape market offers. The flavors can vary from sweets, desserts, fruits, and so many more appealing and addicting things. It is seen as the “cool thing to do” seeing friends and families vape, which encourages you to vape as it seems as the norm to do now. Another factor that comes into play is when people are sometimes peer pressured into it by mates or to try to fit in, it's a must ‘if you want to hang out with us sort of thing.’


Another factor that is involved is that they get a slight buzz or hit from the nicotine content inside the vape it gives them a sort of energy boost and many people can get addicted to that feeling extremely quickly. If you vape once that can be enough to get you hooked on it for life. Another factor is it can be seen as cool or the latest trend is to vape and they want to not miss out on the newest trend. It can also be out of curiosity or boredom that they decide to try once. It is deemed to be less harmless than smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. 

Young people are becoming very addicted to vaping because it’s so easy for them to get their hands on the product. Most if not all corner shops do disposable vapes and don’t ask for ID the customer because they are making money off of them and a profit. This is another factor that isn’t helping young people’s addictions. The most popular brands are Elf bars, Geek bars, and Crystal bars there are many more variety brands at different prices out there but these are the most popular ones for young people as these are also easiest to get because there are so many out in the corner shops.


The Harmful Effects of Vaping 

The effects of young people vaping is it increases their to get lung cancer when they are older another reason is they are more likely to act differently if they can’t get their daily dose of nicotine. Mental health issues increase e.g. anxiety and depression. Another factor is it can damage your brain in many ways it can have ever-lasting damaging effects on them. many studies also have shown that young people who vape early on tend to pick up smoking in much later life. Studies show damage to the brain are it can result in memory loss, decision-making and self-control hard, and mood swings. it can sometimes show the brain to have ADHD even if there was no prior scan to show this.


As stated before there are many risks that come alongside vaping these can vary from health to stunting growth and so much more. There are so many health risks that come in to show when people start vaping. We need to educate our young people on vaping more and that just because looks cool and fun that’s no reason to go do it. We need to spread awareness among the parents on how bad it can be for the child’s health and what other side effects one may suffer from inhaling secondhand smoke. Another downfall of vaping is it’s expensive. We should educate our young people and not encourage it we need to put a stop to it before it gets out of hand.


Have you ever tried vaping? You may know someone who vapes, what age are they? Let us know in the comments below!

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