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Has 9/11 changed the nature of North-South relations? What special measures, if any, are needed to defeat terrorism?

As we know Al-Qaeda, which was established in 1989, was responsible for what was known as the 9/11 attack that struck the United States of America, especially the New York City (Twin Towers bombing).

So the direct aftermath of this attack was the increase of contentions and conflicts between the Western countries (North), especially the United States and the South, and especially the Islamic countries, so the 9/11 attack was responsible for changing the nature of the relations between the North and the South.

Thus, following the 9/11 attack, the Americans felt for the first time that not caring about what was happening in other parts of the world was not a good strategy, so they needed to get involved; for this reason, America went to a crusader strategy. To spread,

So the United States tried to establish a new strategy in dealing with the issue of the South countries, especially the Middle East.

So for the American, they need to deal with the source of that hate, and also for them, democratic countries should not attack each other. Therefore the only way to ensure that America will never be flooded again is to make all the other countries democratic (to make the non-democratic democratic). Thus, they intervene to spread their democratic idea.

So, first, the United States of America interfered in Afghanistan in 2001 because “The Taliban” is located in Afghanistan and because the Taliban movement refused to comply with the American demands to expel Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan

And also refused to extradite Osama bin Laden; the United States said that it launched a “War on Terror,” Then, in 2003, the United States attacked Iraq under the pretext of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

So the United States pinpointed several states that for them were the source of all the tensions (Iraq, Iran, Syria...etc.), thus, here we can provide an example which is Lebanon, so; these turned Lebanon into a battleground because, as we know, one of the participants in the event of 11 September is a Lebanese person named: Ziyad al-Jarrah.

And then, the regime in Lebanon was divided into two campaigns: Pro-Syrian and Pro-United States, and they started fighting.

 That is why Lebanon was part of the conflict, and America was seeking to spread democracy, as we mentioned earlier, so it started attacking several countries and seeking to create a Greater Middle East that is democratic to ensure that in the future, it will not have any country attacking the US.

But here, we should know that Lebanon was not attacked directly by America. Still, Lebanon became a battleground because there is Iranian-Syrian influence in Lebanon, and from the other side, there are pro-Americans.

 Thus, what was mentioned before shows how the 9/11 attack changed the nature of North-South relations.

Also, many special measures are needed and used to defeat terrorism, one of these measures was the intervention which was used by the developed countries to defeat terrorism and prevent them from attacking the developed countries, especially the United States of America, which suffered from these attacks, so it also intervenes to spread democracy, to prevent the terror attack in their land.

 And these interventions take many shapes, including Military intervention, Economic intervention, Diplomatic intervention, and Cultural intervention.

To explain, as we saw in the past, America invaded Afghanistan for one main reason “war on terror” and to defeat the “Taliban group” and capture Osama bin Laden. Hence, the United States of America sent its troops to Afghanistan to fight terror. These were the best example of military intervention, one of the measures used to defeat terrorism.

In addition, another measure that was used to beat terrorism is Economic intervention. The United States used these criteria in many countries, and the US used it in Lebanon; as we know, America included Hezbollah on the terrorism list and demanded it not to interfere in other countries, especially in America.

But Hezbollah did not abide by the decisions of America, and therefore America struck an economic blockade on some Lebanese banks.

So many Lebanese consider that the American economic sanction on Lebanon was part of the Lebanese financial crisis. Still, the United States believes it is the only way to defeat terrorism.

Adding to this, there is another measure which is Diplomatic intervention, this means foreign diplomatic interference to urge the state to eliminate terrorist groups inside it, and if this plan does not succeed, then these significant countries cut diplomatic ties with countries that do not respond to them.

 Finally, another particular measure used to defeat terrorism was a cultural intervention, and this was evident from what America did after the 9/11 attack, so America intervened in the counties it considered to be a threat to it spread its democratic idea and make the non-democratic democratic, and this will prevent the terrorist attack against it.

At last, these were the special measures needed to defeat terrorism, and it is good to know that the events of 9/11 created a significant rift between the North and the South and also changed the relations between them.


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