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How Does Globalization Impact Global Governance?

Globalization has contributed to making the world a small global village whose parts are interconnected by satellites, space communications, and television channels.


It is also based on four basic processes: great competition between the world's great powers, the spread of globalization of production and exchange of goods, technological innovation and creativity, and continuous modernization. Therefore, globalization of all kinds affects global governance and increases the need for it.


International challenges are increasing worldwide, also Globalization has increased so we have started observing types of technological advancements which are emerging and they are working towards linking different countries with each other and bringing them under one roof. 


It also contributes to shrinking the world and making it a small global village either through the use of the different websites, that facilitate communication between different people from different races, languages, and religions, in different countries of the world, or through the use of multinationals associations, and companies.


Thus, globalization is a new term that expresses an old phenomenon, which has made the world a small electronic village whose parts are interconnected by satellite, satellite communications, television channels…etc. And here an example:  A map of undersea cable connections around the African continent to Asia, Europe, and through the Atlantic Ocean. (Example)


In the seventies, the trade increased between the states which lead to the increase in mutual dependence or the "Interdependence", after that and in the eighties and nineties a more important became the correlation between states on one side, and between the states and persons, emerged which was the economic globalization. 


Thus, economic globalization has increased and became a more widened term and slowly and steadily the national economies are beginning to merge with the global economies, through the increase of trade and the increase of foreign investment in other countries through multinational companies.


Secondly, we can say that globalization has two main patterns in global politics, and we can explain more that one of these patterns is indeed positive, so that it intentionally facilitated many things, while we see that the second pattern is exclusively negative. 


The first pattern of globalization focused on its importance so that globalization facilitated our lives because it facilitated the way of communications between people worldwide, and in general globalization has also strengthened the communications revolution which facilitate the integration between people within the world, and facilitated trade between the countries of the world through the open markets, and the multinational companies and associations. 


On the other hand, globalization has a major negative impact on the world, so, globalization affects the environment negatively due to the pollution that is affecting the environment through increasing transportation means such as cars, trains…etc., and because of the large companies growing and spreading rapidly around the world, which caused a lot of pollution to the environment.


Adding to this, globalization increases the issue of child labor, because many people live on less than 1$ a day, so the children obliged to work to help their families, adding to this the war that was happened in some states whether it a civil war or war between different states increase the child labor.


Because those children migrate or are displaced with their families to other countries, they are deprived of education and resort to working for a living.


In addition, globalization did not ensure stability, but it led to wars and many other conflicts. 


This means that we must move towards political cooperation between representatives of institutions across countries, through global governance to discuss solutions to issues that affect more than one country or region, especially those issues that have been caused by globalization, such as pollution, child labor…etc., and sometimes the pieces of global government, which are cooperative problem solving, such as the Nongovernmental Organizations, and the Intergovernmental Organizations…etc. 


Also, the weak states lack the means of technology, so the strong country exploits the weak one.


Finally, from this, we can say that the idea of global governance should be accepted by the states so that all these reasons should push the world to form effective global governance. 


In other words, globalization impacts global governance, and globalization increases the need for global governance. 


Edited By Palak Chauhan



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