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Rapper's take on faux feminism goes viral

Nariwad Ki Karo Jai

A video released in 2019, featuring amateur rapper Nikita Sharma is taking the internet by storm after two years. She presented her rap titled "Narivad Ki Karo Jai" on the famous show MTV Hustle, judged by stars like Raftaar, Nucleya and Raja Kumari. Her lyrics were a fresh breath as she raised the avoided topic of elite feminism. She tried to expose the hypocrisy of some modern-day (pseudo) feminists who claim that women are superior to men and should be treated such. Rap is the new age messenger for politics, philosophy, sexuality and almost everything under the sun. This genre has millions of listeners around the world, mainly youngsters who are ready to change their views and actions. Raps are more or less poems in music with content made catchy by vernacular phrases and interesting topics. Some famous rappers in India are Ikka, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar and Badshah. One of the contestants of the show MTV Hustle Nikita Sharma wrote fascinating lyrics as an eye-opener to every girl who uses fake feminism as a shield against logical arguments. Public reaction on the rap was divided with some lauding her efforts to throw light on the fake feminists while others bashed her for insulting women. Many will either love or hate it, but the song has become a sensation on the internet.

"God is a woman," says Ariana Grande


"Hamko karna sb allowed hai

Kyonki hum hai chhori

Chhore kr de kuch to denge unko

lambi chaudi theory

Kutte mummy ne nahi sikhaya gaali nahi bakte

Ladki kuch bhi keh de pr tum chup rahoge….

Mai gaali bak du chalta hai

Main maaru chalta hai"


These lyrics of Nikita's rap might strike a chord with many readers and that's the unique quotient of the rap. The notion that girls are privileged to do anything and everything, while the boys have to stand back, is a recurring motif in the book of pseudo feminism. Indeed, most women are not like that, they give and expect equal and decent behaviour but the existence of such overwhelming women cannot be denied. In August there was an incident in which a Lucknow girl thrashed an auto driver for swerving near to her vehicle. Violence done by anyone is condemned and punished but since it was a woman, no action was taken. The auto driver 'wisely' chose not to retaliate and what were his options, this happened in front of the UP police. These events highlight the need for gender-neutral sensitivity.


"Ghar pe baithu chalta hai

MeToo par jhooth bolu chalta hai

Dowry ke ilzaam par paise lootna chalta hai

husn dikha kar promotion le lu chalta hai….

Feminism ne aaj ye bhi sikhaya

Chhoriyon ko bechariyan, chhoriyon ne hi banaya"


There is also a tendency to insult men if they are jobless at any point but most women are not subjected to this. Some consider it their right to be a homemaker, while there is nothing wrong with being one, seeing oneself better than a working lady is not. The net effect of the MeToo movement was desirable with women feeling empowered enough to share their stories and get justice but there was a dark side too. Many men like Alan Dershowitz were falsely accused of harassing women by opportunists who wanted revenge on a professional matter. Among one of his famous books "Guilt by Accusation: the challenge of proving Innocence in the age of #metoo", Dershowitz highlights how some women blackmail people using wicked ways to make situations favourable for them. He described the trouble he had to face, the financial cost of fighting the case, the embarrassment of telling every potential client his claims and the harrowing effect it had on his family. Rape laws have been used for agenda too by certain shameless women, though the count is rare. Bollywood movie Article 370 highlighted this issue, in a scene protagonist Akshay Khanna's dialogue is "This case is a classic example of a woman using as a weapon the very law which was made to protect her."

Dowry laws have also been misused over the years. In 2011, a trial court termed it as 'legal terrorism'. It is a small segment of women who abuse such laws, claiming that otherwise would be prejudiced. Kareena Kapoor hosted a show called "What Women Want '' where she discussed the various challenges faced by women and called on the audience for a change. She said that the objectification of women is a sign of the backwardness of the society. The same actress is cast in countless 'item-songs' which focuses on the woman's scantily clad body for the movie's promotion. A song titled 'Fevicol se' has lyrics which goes like "Mai to tandoori murgi hoon yaar, gatka le saiyaan alcohol se", this served as the perfect example for explicitly objectifying the female body. The artist has sarcastically exhibited that it is women who are killing equality by hyping and communalizing issues that might be personal. If a girl does not get promoted while her male counterpart does then it might be that he is better. The only solution is to make yourself indispensable at whatever you do, creating unnecessary drama serves no purpose.


Real feminism, explained easily by what it's NOT

Feminism is a series of social and political movements aiming identification and eradicate patriarchy in society by ensuring gender-neutral laws and culture. Feminist movements advocate the right to equal educational opportunities regardless of gender, the right to vote and hold public official posts and also to have equal authority in marriages, contracts, employee schemes etc. The essence of feminism is equality, women are generally discussed as they are more targeted by traditional gender-based laws. Famous feminists like Bell Hooks favour the inclusion of men's liberation in feminism as men are hurt by gender-based roles. This remains common in all types of feminism be it black feminism or intersection feminism and the like. Wearing a pink shirt on Woman's day is not a badge of feminism, a father who wants his daughter to study well and carve her position in society is a real feminist. Someone who forms an opinion, not because of the other person's gender but their intellect is a feminist. Pseudo feminists often called Feminazis have mutilated the definition of feminism to something it is not. They claim that women are sanctimonious and deserve to be treated better than men as compensation for the atrocities they suffered earlier. This is an absurd view, one might think on these lines and say that widowers should be burnt alive on their wives' pure to avenge Sati. Some good old chivalry can always be appreciated but it is not right for ladies to always be first.


Watch out for these signs of pseudo feminists to correct them and if you believe in any of these, kindly don't call yourself a feminist but an androgynist -

Women are much better than men and should dominate them

Men are detestable and always misogynistic in their views

Men are always wrong and should be punished without trial

Women deserve preference in public lines and seats

If a wrong has been done by a woman, do not oppose it


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