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The Dark Truth at Manchester United

Erik Ten Hag has completely changed the mentality of the players at Manchester United ever since he joined the club as the team’s manager at the start of the season.

Under Manchester United's Former manager Ralf Rangnick, the team faced a tense and stressful atmosphere. Chris Wheeler had reported that many of the team’s seventeen players were unhappy at Manchester United and were under contracts that would not be sold. However, there would still be a significant number of departures from the club.

Reports have leaked that there had been a fight between Mejbri and Telles, and Ralf Rangnick was forced to abandon the training session early that day. His authority over the Manchester United dressing room had been completely disintegrated.

Harry Maguire had told his teammates that there was something wrong and that they were not motivated to fight their way out of the club's slump. Maguire has held discussions with the previous players and Ragnick. Harry Maguire had only been doing his duty as captain at this time. The players were not motivated to play for Manchester United. It had been evident on the pitch, at the time, as the club had lost 4 nil to Brighton. Crystal Palace had been dreadful with a 1 nil clean sheet loss, 4 nill to Liverpool, and 4-1 to Manchester City.

According to D.Tathletic, Rangnick pointed out he had never asked Rashford to stick to one side, he always had the licensed to room, swap sides, find his spaces etc. It had been a failure on his part that he didn't make it work. Towards the end of the season, Marcus Rashford said to Ralf Rangnick that the problem was he had been asked to play on the right. Rashford understands the importance of versatility, but he feels that he is much better played on the left.

According to Mark Ogden, several players had become angered by Rangnick’s outspoken comments in news conferences and tensions within the squad began to grow, with splits exacerbated by Rangnick’s remarks about a variety of players. This had included Ronaldo, Maguire, Rashford and Cavani.

It was reported by samuelluckurst that the players referred to Rangnick as "specs" behind his back. The word went out that said Lingard and Rashford received no instructions, no game plan, no position plan. They did not have a clue about what they were doing.

Anthony Martial had spoken out about Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, claiming that for "the last two seasons, I have regularly played injured. People don't know that, I couldn't accelerate during the four months following the Covid season. Solskjaer told me that he needed me, so I played.”

Solskjaer had forced Rashford to play injured as well. Rashford and Martial had competed while injured for two years because they wanted to play. They both had a horrible season because they were injured and their confidence had dropped.

Erik Bailey had said that "the club should avoid favouring English players and give everyone a chance. The club should encourage competition in the dressing room. I always had the impression that the English players were favoured.” Under Erik Ten Hag, situations are completely different. Ten Hag has the mentality "you play if you want to play.”

Erik Ten Hag has spoken about what he observed when he had been appointed manager of Manchester United. He claimed "there was no spirit in it, I didn't see team dynamics in the squad. Mental resilience was very low. The fighting spirit, for each other, prioritising the team, that wasn't really in this selection.”

Ten Hag mentioned that ‘changing the culture was the most important thing to me than to get into the locker room, you need personalities. That's why purchasing Casemiro was so important. He can speed up the process because he knows what to do to win titles.”

Erik Ten Hag has changed the mentailty of the club. He had buried the player power pin that was active during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Ralf Rangnick. The players have to carry themselves out in a professional manner if they want to play. The team is currently striving and are victorious in most of their games.

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