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iPhone 14 Emergency SOS Via Satellite Rescued 2 People In A Severe Car Crash

The resuscitative feature of the iPhone 14's emergency SOS via satellite and car crash detection has shown successful results for both users and first responders. For example, suppose an individual cannot call, text, or connect to emergency services because of outside-the-range issues of cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. In that case, the iPhone rescues via satellite for the needed help.

This article aims to provide insight into the iPhone 14's emergency SOS via satellite and how it has proven useful. Satellite connection has a different experience from sending or receiving a message via cellular. In ideal situations with a direct view of the horizon and the sky, a message might take 15 seconds and over a minute to send under trees with light or medium foliage. 

However, it might not connect to a satellite if under heavy foliage or surrounded by additional obstructions. The surroundings, the message's length, the satellite network's status, and availability can also impact the Connection.

The Crash Detection feature and the Emergency SOS via satellite of the iPhone 14 have helped save two people in a severe car crash in the United States.

According to MacRumors, the incident occurred in the United States of California's Angeles National Forest on the Angeles Forest Highway. The two passengers drove off the Los Angeles highway, and one of the two had an iPhone 14 that registered the crash. 

Passengers somehow managed to get out of the vehicle but got careened over the side of a mountain and tumbled around 300 feet into a remote canyon with no cell reception. Nevertheless, the iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via satellite kicked in soon after registering the crash, linking victims to the first responders.

An aCEiPhone 14aCE in the car detected the crash and sent the information to rescuers using Emergency SOS via Satellite as there was no cellular signal.  

According to the report, the victims had sent an Emergency SOS text to one of Apple's relay centers. As a result, a relay center employee contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for aid.

Furthermore, the Montrose Search and Rescue Team in the United States discovered the two passengers affected in the crash. They were lifted out with a chopper. The report added that they were carried to a nearby hospital and looked after for minor to moderate injuries. 

Several incidents have been reported where the car crash detection feature saved many lives in grave danger. For example, a man was notified about his wife's car accident, prompting him to rush to the location and provide assistance before paramedics arrived. Moreover, another man's life was saved by the Emergency SOS via satellite after being stranded in a rural area in the United States.

Currently, the Emergency SOS via satellite is available in the US, Canada, Germany, Ireland, France, and the UK. After the activation of the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 pro, it is free for two years. 


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