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More American men opt for vasectomies after Roe v Wade overturned

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last month, demand for vasectomies has skyrocketed across the United States, VICE US reports. Five clinics have commented on this, confirming this.

Dr Charles Monteith, medical director of the A Personal Choice clinic in North Carolina, said that on June 24, the day the ruling was overturned, website views quadrupled, and since then, clients have been increasing, with appointments going from a few weeks to three months. It's gone from a few weeks to three months.

A medical assistant in Huntsville, Alabama, said there had been a "crazy" increase in the number of vasectomy appointments at her clinic. 

Tim McAuliffe, a doctor in Texas, said that the number of calls to his clinic each week for the procedure has doubled. He said many of his clients are having the procedure done as a "preventative" measure, and many women are also having consultations with their partners. Both are states that immediately tightened their abortion rights. One of his colleagues in New York also says his number of clients has tripled.

Just recently, Florida's governor approved an abortion ban that would make abortions impossible at 15 weeks of pregnancy. But a few days ago, a judge in Florida's Second Judicial Circuit Court declared that the statute violated the privacy clause of the state constitution, so the judge issued a temporary injunction against the statute, putting this new abortion ban on hold in a way.

The abortion ban has some men in the state very worried and has made them determined to get the procedure done. Dr Doug Stein of Florida said that during the first three weeks of June, an average of 55 men a week registered for a vasectomy. But in the fourth week of June, that number jumped to 150.

He said there were three reasons for the increase in men choosing to have a vasectomy. Firstly, some want to "step up" and take over the responsibility of contraception from women; secondly, the ban on abortion means that there is no alternative once the IUD or the pill has failed, and vasectomy offers a new child avoidance option; finally, there are those who fear that the Supreme Court will further limit the possibility of people taking active control of their fertility so they seek early vasectomy as a precautionary measure.

Many patients have suggested that they have been considering having a vasectomy for some time and the overturning of the Roe v Wade decision has left them in limbo and was the final factor in their decision to come in for the procedure.

In addition to this, the policy also affects male actors in adult films. Matt Slayer, an adult film actor, said, "It takes less time to do the surgery than it does to record a podcast, so why to put a female colleague opposite you at risk and have to make a difficult decision?"

Slayer believes that not only does tying the surgery solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies once and for all, it even saves money on contraceptive supplies, which is an added benefit. By banning abortion, politicians are restricting people's ability to have sex; they are legislating what the outcome of the sexual act should be.

Just like the butterfly effect, it is hard for men to stay out of the way when women's rights are seriously affected, and this is something that everyone should understand.

 Edited by: Sara Moreira


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